High-Performance Product Solutions

Oct. 1, 2006
High-Performance Product Solutions/Case Studies

Water heater


Mobius T-M1 tankless gas water heater packs efficiency and power in a small, compact unit that is ideal for education facilities. Using copper-coil technology, a tankless water heater instantly heats water as it is used, instead of heating and storing water. This results in an endless supply of hot water during peak uses, without wasting gas during off-peak times. Up to 20 Mobius units can be installed together using a single main control system.
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Lighting control

Schneider Electric

The web-enabled Square D Powerlink G3 3000 level lighting control system provides convenience, simplicity and energy savings. Facility managers can make changes to a system from within a building or a remote location using the power of Ethernet and security connectivity. On-time counters track the number of hours a lighting system burns and automatically notify the manager when a group re-lamping project should be scheduled.
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Canister vacuum


QuietPro CN Canister Vacuum provides performance, versatility and HEPA filtration in a quiet package. Its two-speed operation enables tailoring power and sound levels for diverse environments, including daytime cleaning, and the specially designed Quiet Motor Housing further enhances non-disruptive cleaning. It comes standard with a 10-quart Four Level Filtration system that captures 99.97 percent of dust, pollen, bacteria and other particulates measuring .3 micron and larger.
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Waterfree urinal DVD

Falcon Waterfree Technologies

A DVD is available that demonstrates how waterfree urinals work and their benefits. The DVD also provides step-by-step instructions for the installation and maintenance of waterfree urinals. Managers can request a free copy to learn about the advanced urinal technology and how it can help their operating budget while helping the environment. The 22-minute English/Spanish DVD is available for delivery within the United States and Canada.
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Taking root

Modular green-roof system saves energy and cuts costs


The University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Great Lakes Water Institute was looking for new ways to “go green” and save money in the process. It decided to install a green roof on one of its campus facilities.

The university selected a modular green roof system by GreenGrid because it was quick to install and cost-effective. Green roofs help protect the environment in several ways. They replace carbon dioxide with oxygen, reduce stormwater runoff by as much as 75 percent, helping ease burdens on some local sewer systems, and reduce urban heat islands.

Green roofing systems also can save energy. Sandra McLellan, assistant scientist professor, calculated that the university's green roof would pay for itself in less than 15 years because of reduced heating and cooling costs.

“One of the most significant cost benefits of a green roof is that it can double the life cycle of the present roof,” says McLellan. “The Milwaukee campus project was so successful, the university added another GreenGrid roof at its Stevens Point campus and plans additional green roofs in the coming year.”
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Still going strong

Carpet installed 30 years ago continues to perform in today's learning environment


In 1975, Weld County School District, Greeley, Colo., wanted to ensure the flooring it selected for the classrooms, media center and hallways at Meeker Elementary School and Centennial Elementary School would be durable.

At the time, the director of facilities and planning was looking for a floor covering to accommodate a teaching staff that performed various activities on the classroom floor. Teachers were bringing in carpet remnants and rugs from home to perform these functions. To meet this requirement, the district selected carpet, a relatively new concept for schools at the time. The product selected was C&A Floorcovering's “Belle Point,” constructed of Antron nylon fiber.

“Even 30 years later, the carpet continues to perform above our expectations,” says J.W. Nelson of Weld County School District. “All of the carpet specifications for our school district include Antron carpet fiber because it is easy to maintain, does not show traffic pattern, and has exceptional colorfastness.”
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