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Sept. 1, 2004
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Keying in on access control

Computer-managed standalone locks are a flexible, yet secure solution for controlling building access

IR Security & Safety

At Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, computer-managed (CM) locks, which can be programmed using PDAs, have been used to create a security network, eliminating the need for expensive hard wiring of existing buildings. The locks provide flexible, yet secure access control, and retain audit-trail information for use in security management and investigation.

Before the locks were put in place, the university had problems with people losing keys and with controlling after-hour building access. Its solution was to install a standalone, battery-operated electronic lock on at least one exterior door per building. The university chose the Schlage CM computer-managed electronic locking system. The standalone microprocessor-based, electromechanical system makes it easy to add or delete cardholder privileges. Each door lock features a micro-motor, powered by four common AA batteries that provide a two- to three-year life, or more than 80,000 activations. The standalone design makes installation or retrofit easy for existing cylindrical, mortise or unit lock preps, with only minor modifications and no external wiring.

LockLink Express software is used to manage the data and program the locks. Information from a specific track on the university-issued magnetic stripe card is read into the software. Card information for authorized users then is programmed into the locks for authorized access. The software allows the use of PIN numbers, which can be used individually or in combination with ID cards for higher security.

The campus now has about 30 locks in place in 13 buildings, representing about half of the total. The university eventually will have a lock in every academic building and hopes to complete the upgrade in the next two years.
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Reader extender

Cypress Computer Systems

SUPREX (supervised reader extender) is a cost-efficient solution for extending the distance between access-control readers and controllers. It spans up to 10,000 feet using two-conductor, Ethernet, or fiber-optic media, eliminating the need for additional expensive controllers and wires. Reader supervision finally can be added to any installation. It features alarm output from the central unit, immediately indicating power or communication loss with the reader at the remote unit.
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Portable first-aid unit

SafetyMate Corporation

SafetyMate is a handheld, battery-powered portable device designed to help a first-aid responder react to a variety of life-threatening medical emergencies. The audible step-by-step instructions are the same as those recommended by 911 operators, the American Red Cross and the Department of Homeland Security, and are offered in seven languages. The device is interactive so users can follow along at their own speed through the use of a pause button, or back and forward buttons.
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Steel latch


The 6-Way Steel Latch is available on all Kwikset UltraMax Security, Kwikset Maximum Security, and Kwikset Security products. The ANSI Grade 2 latch, one-piece drive-in collar and chassis feature all-steel construction, work with any Kwikset strike and are packaged in the finish of the corresponding hardware to ensure that the completed doorway has a consistent look. The latch is factory-tested to survive more than 400,000 cycles and comes with the standard finish warranty.
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Wireless surveillance

Beacon Products Inc

The Wireless Camera Surveillance System (WCSS) is a real-time system that can be disguised as a pole-mounted outdoor area light. It blends into a broad range of decorative lighting environments. The core unit of the system is a miniaturized, advanced video-compression device. It can be specified inside a fixed-position video camera or, with Micro-Server technology, for use with pan-tilt-zoom video units. Camera images can be transmitted wirelessly to imaging devices of any kind.
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DVR surveillance system

Vision Controls Corp

The CAM SS-XP security and surveillance system has high compression for long duration archival storage, plus fast access and transmission of images. The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system manages, stores and transmits digital images at a highly readable resolution of 10 frames per second per channel over IP networks providing low-cost, real-time recording. A target area can be defined within the camera's viewfinder to detect any changes in the scene.
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Card printer/encoder

Fargo Electronics

The HDP600 Printer/Encoder is a dual-sided, full-color printer/encoder. It features a new compact design that is 50 percent smaller and lighter than previous High-Definition Printing (HDP) models. It has been designed with simplified electronics for improved reliability and data communication. User conveniences such as drop-in, color-coded consumables make setup faster and easier.
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Integrated security

School district monitors all of its buildings from a centralized location


Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS), Indiana's largest school district, serves more than 40,000 students in 76 schools. While educating students is its primary objective, the district also is responsible for ensuring the safety of students and staff. With ever-increasing security demands, aging systems and overburdened staff, investing in advanced technology with an already strained budget proved to be a difficult task.

To improve safety and reduce costs while protecting the investments the school made when it deployed new security equipment five years ago, IPS partnered with Honeywell to integrate new and existing equipment using the Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) platform. The consolidated system helps the district provide better, more responsive security throughout its facilities without increasing staff size.

The enhanced security system is part of a seven-year, $250 million capital-improvement project that includes the construction of four new schools, demolition of six schools and renovations within the district's 90 buildings. Honeywell is installing new access control, digital video monitoring and archiving, and an asset-tracking system. The EBI system will integrate all of these systems, and enable IPS staff to monitor and control security for all 90 buildings from a single, centralized location. When complete, IPS will have better tools for ensuring student safety, protecting school assets, and responding to issues quickly and effectively.
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Web-based access control


Presidio is an advanced, multi-featured access-control system that is completely web-based and requires no locally installed software. It can be integrated completely with various access-control system hardware controllers. Alarms and events can be monitored securely in real-time via the Internet/Intranet with alarm event information routed automatically to cell phones, pagers and e-mail. Other standard features include alarm prioritization, scheduled reports via e-mail, anti-passback capability and online help screens.
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Lockout feature


The Simplex 1000 Series mechanical pushbutton lock now is available with the lockout feature directly from the factory. Lockout allows users to prevent combination entry by activating the lockout feature from the inside of the door. When lockout mode is active, entry is only possible via the lock's key override. Lockout is available on all 1021 and 1041 key override models.
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Mortise lock

Yale Commercial Locks & Hardware

The Yale 8800 Series of Grade 1 mortise locks adds nine new functions to the series, including the Double Cylinder Intruder Classroom Security Lock. The Quick Reversible Latchbolt is a feature that allows the handing to be changed in seconds by pressing the latchbolt retaining plate, pulling out the latchbolt, and rotating it 180 degrees to the desired handling position. The 1-inch throw stainless-steel deadbolt extends farther back into the case when in a locked position, providing added stability and abuse resistance.
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Steel security fence


Steel security fence panels can provide security perimeters for various facilities. The 10-foot by 12-foot fence panels are installed easily on-site either as a standalone configuration or as an attachment to a concrete barrier using bracket systems. The fence features 9-gauge expanded steel mesh with narrow, ¾-inch spacing along with a two-foot angled panel at the top, making the fence very difficult to scale and nearly indestructible.
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Biometric reader

Keri Systems

The BioPointe Fingerprint Reader with Wiegand output can be used on the PXL-500W Tiger Controller or any other manufacturer's Wiegand-compatible controller. Each standard unit can store 720 user templates in memory, while the optional extended memory units can store 4,400 templates. Individual users can be assigned to require PIN plus fingerprint, fingerprint only or keypad only. Multiple readers can be connected via an RS-485 network so that fingerprint templates can be shared via BioPointe Central software.
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Security software

Compass Technologies

Compass 5E software is modular, with its components running as Windows services. It is an enterprise system capable of supporting up to 1,024 readers and 30 workstations per server. The software is designed to efficiently handle heavy transaction loads using SOAP and extensible markup language. The Navigator interface allows real-time connection to other user databases.
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Access-control reader

Wyreless Access

AWID readers are access-control RFID readers with 40 to 60 percent better range. The reader is available on the Modular Integrated Reader Lock (MIRL), the Wyreless Exit Kit (WEXK), and the Wireless Portable Reader (WPR). The MIRL combines all elements required for complete access control and can cut installation time to 45 minutes per door. The WEXK eliminates wiring to the door or around the door for panic bar hardware on entrance/exit doors. The WPR provides instantaneous access control anywhere.
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Network watchdog

Large and changing network uses monitoring software to eliminate viruses and increase bandwidth

Network Instruments

Every residence hall at Presbyterian College, Clinton, S.C., is networked, and all rooms provide Internet access. When students move in, bringing various types of hardware and software with them, the result is a large and changing network that is a challenge to administer. About 1,200 students are wired, along with 80 full-time faculty members and 220 staff members.

The college already was searching for a network-monitoring product for day-to-day troubleshooting, but abrupt and unexplained leaps in bandwidth usage made the search more urgent. “At first we couldn't identify the cause, but we had a hunch it was outside our campus network,” says Nellie Shelton, systems and network administrator. After installing Network Instruments Observer, administrators were able to find the source of the problem, which was in a router in another state.

The college purchased a license for Observer Suite and an Advanced Remote Networking Probe. The solution has helped in virus detection and isolation of infected systems. Deploying remote probes is an easy way to monitor or troubleshoot multiple network segments from one location. The probes collect and transmit real-time packet captures and statistics to any Observer console. All systems can be monitored conveniently from an administrator's desktop.

Observer also provides Triggers and Alarms to allow administrators to flag for a particular network condition using customized filters or convenient presets. The alarm triggers an action to occur when the condition is present. Shelton has configured Observer to send her an e-mail for immediate notification of important network issues.
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Security server

Vindicator Technologies

The V5 Network Security Appliance is an enterprise-wide security server capable of concurrently processing and routing thousands of intrusion detection and access-control security transactions from multiple discrete geographic sites, providing situational awareness capabilities to the end user. The V5 NSA is a highly adaptive solution, fitting the wide-ranging needs of managing and integrating facility access control, intrusion and perimeter detection, CCTV, fire detection and life safety, and building automation.
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Emergency software program

Prepared Response, Inc.

Rapid Responder is an interactive emergency response database system that provides emergency responders with facility floor plans, site maps, hazardous material locations, utility control locations, tactical and evacuation plans, and stakeholder contact information needed to address emergencies quickly, decisively and safely.
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Audio command center


The FireVoice 25/50 is a versatile single- or dual-channel Emergency voice Evacuation Control Panel (EVAC). It has a host of field-programming options including the capability to create five custom messages (fire, tornado, evacuation, haz-mat and non-fire). It has full supervision in both active and standby conditions and is suitable as a standalone or as an adjunct to most UL-listed addressable or conventional fire-alarm control panels.
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Door security hardware

Corbin Russwin Architectural Hardware

The Access 800 Series is a motorized, battery-operated, keyless entry system that is programmable at the keypad or via software for enhanced features including time zones, user database and proximity card access. It is available as mortise or cylindrical locksets or exit devices. The ML20800 mortise lock is available in four different functions and features a free-floating spindle design. The Grade 1 CL233800 cylindrical lock can be provided with or without key override.
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Extra eyes

Cameras and digital recorders monitor school grounds and resolve incidents quickly

GE Security

The Arlington (Texas) Independent School District uses GE digital video surveillance equipment throughout its campuses to monitor and protect students, staff and district assets. The district has more than 62,000 students enrolled in more than 74 facilities.

The district is upgrading from 16- and 32-camera systems to 48-camera systems on its campuses and is migrating from a mix of equipment manufacturers to a standard GE configuration. It is using GE pan-tilt-zoom cameras and digital video multiplexer-recorders with Ethernet capabilities. All secondary schools have installed cameras. At the high schools, every door has a camera installed, and every hallway is monitored along its entire length.

“Those 48 cameras are like 48 extra sets of eyes,” says Jimmy Womack, the district's director of security and transportation. “Using the WaveReader software, administrators and security staff can both view and control camera equipment from their desktop PCs or even remote locations.”

Security alarms are monitored 24 hours a day. After hours, dispatchers can pull up the exact camera responsible for an alarm and take appropriate action, such as calling authorities and directing them to the location where an incident occurred.

Each campus has its own control room where activity is recorded. The district also uses cameras to monitor board meetings and is evaluating GE's BusSecure system for its buses. The BusSecure mobile digital recording system records and stores video inputs from one to four cameras mounted inside or outside a vehicle.
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Fire control

Silent Knight

The IFP-50 intelligent analog/addressable fire-control panel has drift compensation and features two notification appliance circuits that can be programmed for notification outputs or auxiliary power. The fire panel also has a built-in dual line digital fire communicator, Form C trouble relay, and two programmable Form C relays. It has built-in support for 50 analog addressable modules and uses standard wire — shielded or twisted pair is not required.
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