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May 1, 2005
New Products/Case Studies

Improving air quality

Demand control ventilation helps schools improve IAQ while keeping energy costs down


A school's ventilation needs change constantly. The more students and faculty in one area, the more fresh air is needed to provide acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ), but too much fresh air can cause energy bills to skyrocket.

That was the case for Grandview Senior High School and Meadow-mere Elementary, Grandview, Mo. Certain areas of the two schools had high CO2 levels and mold problems.

In order to fix the problem, the district's maintenance director, Herb Wilson, turned to demand control ventilation (DCV), the process of controlling the amount of fresh air introduced according to the level of CO2 in order to increase air quality in an energy-efficient manner. Lennox' L Series and S-Class rooftop units contain an intelligent microprocessor-based unit controller, the Integrated Modular Controller (IMC), that when coupled with a CO2 sensor and an economizer or motorized outdoor air damper, provide a complete DCV system.

Demand control ventilation uses a CO2 sensor to estimate the number of students in the classroom, based on the current CO2 levels, and signals the rooftop's unit controller to open the outdoor air dampers, allowing fresh air to enter the space. Once CO2 levels have been reduced, the outdoor air dampers close.

Since the new system has been installed in the schools, Wilson has seen cost efficiency improve by 20 percent.
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Fighting back

Solid-colored, reinforced composite toilet partitions resist graffiti and vandalism


Academic home to more than 100,000 full- and part-time students and 6,000 faculty and staff, City College of San Francisco (CCSF) is one of California's larger community college systems. CCSF comprises more than 1.5 million square feet and more than 100 restrooms.

District architect Tobin Kendrick conducted a graffiti- and scratch-resistance test in the college's restrooms with a sample of Bobrick's SCRC, easily wiping black, permanent marking pen graffiti clean. He then directed a test of two, four-compartment, heavy-traffic restrooms serving the student union. About a year later, Kendrick concluded the SCRC material had the durability and ease of maintenance properties that met his criteria, and wrote SCRC as the college's standard specification.

His critique of prior toilet partition material began with the structural integrity of the doors, stiles and panels, and their long-term ability to support functioning partition hardware and washroom accessories.

“Metal has had major corrosion problems, thus weakening the structure. Plastic laminate has a tendency to delaminate over time, and solid plastic scars easily because it's a rather soft material,” says Kendrick.

“You don't want to just build a battleship gray room and hope that everyone appreciates it; you want to build something that looks nice with bright colors and lighting, and is well-maintained,” says Kendrick. A well-maintained facility is less likely to be vandalized, he says.
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Notification appliance

Wheelock, Inc.

Series NS/HS4 Horn Strobes and NH Horn Appliances feature low current, two selectable tones, continuous and temporal Code 3 and dB levels (90 or 95 dB), and a patented universal mounting plate. The strobes are available with 15, 15/75, 30, 75 and 110 cd strobe intensities and 1575 cd. Synchronization can be achieved with the SM or DSM Sync Modules or Wheelock's PS-12/24 8-MP or CP Power Supplies with built-in sync protocol. The NS/NH are also patented 24V two-wire appliances, while the HS4 is a 24V four-wire model.
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Outdoor seating

Pilot Rock

Benches come in styles and materials to complement any campus, athletic field or play area. Bench designs include surface-mounted or embedded installations. Frames are offered in steel or recycled plastic. Seat and back materials include lumber, aluminum and 100 percent recycled plastic in nine colors or vinyl-coated steel in five colors. School colors often can be matched, and some benches can be personalized with school names.
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Fire-alarm solutions

Silent Knight/Honeywell

A full range of fire-alarm solutions is available through the analog/addressable IFP Series of Products. The series includes the IFP-50, IFP-100, IFP-1000, and the IFP-100/1000 VIP (Voice Integration Panel.) The series also includes the IFP-Net Fire System Manager, a PC-based system that monitors Silent Knight's fire-control panels. The IFP-Net features an easy-to-use interface that gives users the ability to graphically capture and display fire events and conditions throughout the facility.
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Installation system


Designed with input from professional hardware installers, the Pro-Fit Installation System reduces the time it takes to install bath hardware. Using a single-screw mounting system, the installation consists of three steps. With the mounting template, which features pre-marked pilot holes for each accessory, the installer simply places the template on the wall to drill holes, screws in a pre-attached hollow wall anchor, and clicks the bath hardware locking tab onto the mounting post.
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Job scheduling

Software allows university to schedule jobs across multiple platforms and have more centralized control

UC4 Software

With its recent implementation of the PeopleSoft student module, the Computing Services Group at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, needed a job-scheduling solution that could integrate multiple platforms and applications.

“We wanted a vendor who was able to supply a multi-platform solution and could handle our PeopleSoft/DB2 environment,” says El Orwig, associate director of computing services.

UC4:global implementation began by converting existing jobs from the school's previous job scheduler, starting with the data warehouse jobs. These jobs were handled first because of previous problems of running processes on different platforms. UC4:global resolved this problem.

The school now can automate its technical services staff jobs — such as backup and restore functions — that previously had been done manually for the non-mainframe platforms.

“Because UC4:global divides jobs into objects, turnaround time is faster since the job plans are better handled,” says Orwig. “This has considerably reduced the amount of ‘wall-clock’ time jobs take to process, which make getting the results we want more efficient for everyone involved.”
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Acoustics program


The Trane Acoustics Program (TAP), an analysis tool that helps designers model the sound level that will reach building occupants' ears, is available in a refreshed version. TAP version 3.0 automates ASHRAE-endorsed algorithms with a user-friendly Windows interface, updated product sound data, more sound elements to model sound paths, and a new report format that makes it easier to interpret analysis results. As HVAC system components are added, moved or deleted, the program recalculates the resulting sound power levels. Analysis results can be viewed as tables or presentation-quality NC or RC sound-level charts.
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Access control

Synergistics Inc.

A CCTV enhancement is available for Presidio, a multi-featured access-control system that is completely web-based and requires no locally installed software. When it is used in conjunction with IP camera software, the user is able to control access events while viewing live footage. This system allows users to manage all access events and event images from any location. The IP camera system is attached to a network, allowing the user to search all cameras and monitor multiple buildings in a campus setting.
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HVAC education


The “Filtering out Confusion” series is a collection of educational pamphlets designed to help HVAC and facilities-management professionals better understand how to select and maintain their HVAC filtration systems. The free pamphlets explain the pros and cons of various filter media technology and how to monitor an HVAC filter. Future brochures will focus on how to reduce energy costs and how to reduce the threat of mold growth in the HVAC filtration system.
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Drinking fountain

Halsey Taylor

Part of the Contour series, the new vandal-resistant drinking fountain, designed for heavy-duty applications, is crafted from 14-gauge stainless steel and includes a variety of vandal-resistant features. It is available as a single- and bi-level, barrier-free unit that can be installed to meet state and federal requirements for either adult or child ADA requirements.
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Multimedia projector


The EPSON PowerLite 81p and PowerLite 61p portable multimedia projectors feature increased connectivity, enhanced audio capabilities, user-friendly setup and brightness rated up to 2,000 ANSI lumens. By incorporating four video-input connections, including two individual “computer” inputs, these two projectors enable users to plug into and easily switch between a wider selection of source devices such as PCs, video players and audio.
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Integrated storage


The new Reach integrated storage becomes more active by making storage an integrated part of an office. It replaces traditional overheads and pedestals with a single consolidated wall of storage that divides space while providing increased storage capacity and space effectiveness to individual workstations. This means less square footage, less clutter, less effort and more organization. With less under the desk and overhead, work surfaces become more organized.
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K-12 school carpeting

Mannington Commercial

R&D II is designed specifically for K-12 educational facilities. The 18 color combinations are designed to brighten the day of toddlers, teens and teachers. The new “brights” and “neutrals” enhance design flexibility while offering a textured surface that maximizes newness retention. Coordination between soft and hard surfaces offers continuity of design while energizing classrooms and hallways.
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Fire-rated glass video

Technical Glass Products

A free educational video, “Burning Issues: Understanding Today's Fire Rated Glass & Framing,” is available to architects, specifiers, code officials and other industry professionals. The 20-minute video guides viewers through the various categories of fire-rated glass products and how to determine which materials are best for a given application. It also addresses new design innovations in fire-rated glazing materials, the impact of recent code changes to improve product safety, and the effect of new security concerns.
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Storage panel system


The Hang-Glider Pro storage panel system offers a space-efficient way to store framed art and other hanging items. This ceiling-suspended pullout system features a thick-gauge aluminum screen for durability and strength. The specially extruded aluminum track includes a frictionless roller-guide trolley system to eliminate vibration, and anti-sway guide wheels in the front and rear enhance the protection of stored materials.
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Air units


The line of Model IG Indirect Gas-Fired Make-Up Air units features a single-piece design for maximum weather resistance. Model IG features a power-vented, 80 percent-efficient gas-fired furnace and is ETL-labeled to ANSI Standards Z8303 and CGA 2.6. The IG units are supplied with double-width, double-inlet Greenheck forward-curved blowers, and tested to AMCA standards for high-efficiency and low-sound levels. Airflow volumes range from 800 to 7,000 cfm with heating capacities up to 400,000 BTU/hour input.
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Parking control

DoorKing Inc.

The auto-spike/barrier gate operator system is designed to provide increased traffic lane control in applications where bollards or crash barriers are not practical. The auto-spike system provides a simple, easy-to-install, cost-effective method to control traffic exiting or entering a lot, and will disable the vehicle by flattening its tires if an unauthorized exit occurs. The barrier gate operator and auto-spikes operate in synchronization so that the spikes are always in the up position when the barrier arm is down, and in the down position when the barrier arm is up.
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