Product Solutions

April 1, 2001
New Products

Friendly bollards

Wausau Tile introduces the new Smiley Bollard. Manufactured of solid precast concrete, the figures are a friendly way to direct traffic in and around areas that need protection. For added convenience, the face is painted on both sides. The bollards are portable and easily moved to serve different purposes, yet have heavy-duty construction.

High-pressure cleaning system

The Delta Booster, a stationary high-pressure cleaning system, is available from ALTO KEW Technology. The system is housed in a stainless-steel cabinet. The system features six-person simultaneous operation, color-coded lances to adjust water volume and pressure, left- or right-handed water tank and inlet connections and a control system that includes remote control and monitoring.

Vacuum station

Pro-Team offers the Backpack Vac Station for easy access and organization of all vacuum attachments and accessories, including vacuum, wand, floor tools, attachments, filter bags and power cord. The platform attaches to the wall and adjusts up or down, enabling the operator to slip into the backpack harness directly from the station. Fitted slots secure wand, floor and crevice tools and vacuum bags. An enclosed compartment holds dust brushes and upholstery tools.

Soap dispenser

Bobrick Washroom Equipment is offering the 80-fluid-ounce-capacity soap dispenser shelf, SoaperShelf. The new valve on the dispenser is low-profile to deter vandalism and misuse. The washroom accessory dispenses liquid and lotion soaps, as well as synthetic detergent.

Smoke detection

Very Early Smoke Detection (VESDA) is available from SIEMENS Cerberus Division. VESDA is sensitive smoke detection, with the ability to detect a fire before visible smoke or flame is apparent. The system is a series of tubes that carry samples of air from a protected space to a detector. The detector signals a controller that can generate alarms at four different points. The first two alarms alert in-house personnel; the third and fourth alarms set off the building's fire-alarm control panel.

Multifunctional vacuum

The HOST Liberator extractorVAC from Racine Industries has multiple cleaning abilities. The vacuum performs deep power vacuuming, pile lifting, area cleaning and spotting. The revolving brushes sweep into the carpet pile, lift the dirt into the vacuum intake and propel the machine for easier handling. Four-stage filtration improves indoor air quality.

Copper cabling solutions

BERK-TEK has introduced LANmark-2000, the enhanced Category 6 copper cabling solutions product line. The cable is ideal for running numerous networking applications. The multipurpose cable can support gigabit Ethernet and the convergence of voice, video and data.

Sign stands

Wall + Forms is offering EuroSign GraphicStands for indoor and outdoor use. Signs, posters and graphics can be inserted from the front, eliminating unnecessary wear and tear. The EuroSign Display Frame accommodates graphics up to 24 inches by 36 inches. Standard measure for the signs is 45½ inches. Stands are available in six colors: white, red, black, gray, blue and satin aluminum.

Tablet-arm option

American Seating introduces a heavy-duty tablet-arm option for the Action Stacker chair. The arm option, in both standard and oversized dimensions, can support up to 300 pounds. Ideal for classroom use with laptop computers or other organizational devices, the arm is available in a variety of mar-resistant laminates.

Receptacle tension tester

The new RTT99 Receptacle Tension Tester from Leviton is a solution for testing receptacles and outlets. The handheld device ensures reliable performance of receptacles and helps identify poor quality connections that may cause safety hazards or equipment malfunction by measuring the peak retention force of individual line and ground contacts. The CD-ROM-based Wiring Device Inspection Software Program comes with the RTT99, facilitating the maintenance of comprehensive testing records.

Refrigerant monitor

MSA Instrument Division offers the Chillgard RT Refrigerant Monitor with data-logging ability. The monitor logs data to show individual data points and maximum or average readings, as well as stores and transmits hours of data. Refrigerant leaks, including HCFCs, HFCs, CFCs and ammonia, are identified by the monitor, which provides local audible and visible signs when refrigerant gas is present. Photo-acoustic IR sensing technology minimizes false alarms.

Security camera

Sanyo offers the VCC-6574 Digital DSP camera, a ⅓-inch CCD high-resolution color model with more than 520 lines of horizontal resolution, ideal for security applications where high-quality images are required for visual verification. The DSP circuit allows consistent output of sharp, true images. Features include high sensitivity with a minimum required illumination down to 1.4 lux. Both DC and video-type auto lenses are acceptable.

Vehicle safety

The Accessories Catalog of vehicle safety system accessories is now available from Grote Industries. The line includes components to keep a vehicle's electrical system running smoothly and safely. The 76-page catalog features components for wiring and installing products, including special tools. More than 1,000 parts numbers are listed and color-coded.

Shower floor

Swan offers the Transfer Shower Floor. Designed to comply with ADA standards, the floor is available in two solid-surface materials — Swan fiberglass in bone or white, and Swanstone. Both materials are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. The floor measures 38 inches by 37 inches, exceeding the ADA requirements, and can accommodate the installation of wall construction systems, such as wallboard, tile, fiberglass or solid-surface shower wall panels.

Dry-erase boards

GBC Office Products Group introduces a new line of Quartet Total Erase White Boards. The boards are coated with a non-permeable surface that is resistant to staining and ghosting from Dry Erase markers. The non-porous surface allows the boards to be wiped completely clean and does not require special cleaners.

Name badges

TEMTEC is offering TEMPbadge Plus name badges. Designed for simultaneous printing on the front and back, CARDbadge can be easily bar coded for lead retrieval or any other type of data information and is pre-slotted for use with a plastic CARDclip, which is durable and reusable. The badges are made of a two-ply heavy-duty cardstock that is durable and can be printed to specifications. LASERibbon sheets are available for custom printing of title ribbons.

Toilet-seat covers

Hospital Specialty Company offers Health Guards Disposable Toilet Seat Covers. The covers ensure a shielded, sanitary surface. Biodegradable and self-disposing, the covers save material and maintenance costs by preventing toilet paper and paper towels from being used as toilet seat covers.

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