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Jan. 1, 2003
New products/Case Studies
Floor systemsMusson Rubber Company

Solid, heavy-duty rubber, vinyl or aluminum stair treads are available for interior and exterior applications. The new catalog illustrates safety products such as fire, safety, grit-strip, visually impaired and glow-strip stair systems. Matching flooring includes disco, low disc, square and diamond tiles, which are displayed in the expanded color line.
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Fire retardantPorter Athletic Equipment Company

The new FR Safpad wall pads help to provide protection from potential personal injury and property loss for schools and indoor recreational facilities. Tests have shown that standard, urethane-foam wall padding will engulf in flames in less than two minutes. By comparison, the FR Safpad literally stops the spread of flames in its tracks.
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Lavatory systemsSloan Valve Company

Solid-surface SloanStone sinks are offered in combination with most of the Optima Electronic Faucets to provide practical and aesthetically pleasing lavatories. Durable and easy to maintain, the lavatory systems are designed to withstand heat, stains and chemical damage, and are available in a variety of colors.
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Ash coversUpbeat Incorporated

Ash covers protect ashtrays from the elements and preserve building entrances, lobbies and designated smoking areas. Ash covers are constructed of polyethylene and have a stainless-steel hinge that allows the lid to be opened for waste disposal. The two ash openings are protected with metal inserts to maintain the integrity of the cover and provide access from both sides of the unit.
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ADA solutionsIR Security & Safety

A total-solutions approach to ADA door accessibility programs features a selection of four distinct low-energy door operators that are designed to provide fully integrated door control and accessibility. Featured products include LCN power operators, used primarily for manual openings with available pushbutton assist, and Dor-O-Matic power operators, primarily for automatic openings.
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Snow removalSnow Wolf

The Snow Wolf Pro Series has a floating blade that allows the weight of the vehicle to be put onto the blade, to increase the scraping ability of compacted snow and ice. The chain that typically is used to lift floating blades has been replaced on this plow with a solid steel link and an industrial compression spring. The snowplows are for compact utility tractors and smaller skid steers.
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Intercom securityAiphone Corporation

The AI-900 Corporate Security Intercom System was designed for security offices that want to enhance an existing access-control system. It integrates with access-control and video-surveillance equipment and can be customized to fit application needs, giving users a more effective system with a higher level of security.
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Hazardous chemicalsHEMCO Corporation

The Emergency Shower Booth is in compliance with OSHA requirements and can immediately drench those exposed to hazardous chemicals. The unit is equipped with a pull rod-activated shower and push handle eye/face wash for quick rinsing of the eyes, face and body. The shower booth is designed to contain over-spray and can be connected to a drain for minimal cleanup.
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Heated treadsAmstep Products

The TempraStep heated stair treads are designed to alleviate the need for shoveling and use of corrosive salt for snow and ice. The system contains embedded heating elements that keep precipitation from freezing on the tread. It can be manually operated when snow begins or icy conditions are likely, or automatically through use of a temperature/humidity sensor.
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HVAC systems: Quality of acoustics in one university's interconnected projects presents challenge
CertainTeed Corporation

Coordinating the complete mechanical work that serves two new facilities being constructed at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va., while working with two different engineering firms and two sets of drawings and directions, presented a challenge for mechanical contractors, Riddleberger Bros. Inc. (RBI).

Based in Mount Crawford, Va., RBI is putting the finishing touches on the new $3 million, nearly 19,000-square-foot Leeolou Alumni Center, as well as a 61,000-square-foot addition to the university's 46,000-square-foot College Center. The new buildings connect to both sides of the existing College Center. Each project is funded separately and has its own engineer, which requires coordination to integrate the different systems.

Because acoustics are a concern, designers chose CertainTeed ToughGard Duct Liner with Enhanced Surface in one- and two-inch widths for the HVAC ductwork. The fiberglass insulation liner, produced with a unique surface coating with moisture-repellent properties, provides optimum acoustical performance. Its breathable coating preserves the sound-dampening performance of the duct liner by allowing sound waves to pass through the open-cell structure and into the sound-absorbing glass fiber mat.

Working in the 31,000-square-foot RBI shop, fabricators applied more than 14,000 square feet of the ToughGard liner to the ductwork. Liner was used on the rectangular duct, which averaged 48 inches by 30 inches in size. In some high-velocity, high-pressure portions of the College Center system, the addition of perforated metal liner for increased sound attenuation was specified.
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