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Feb. 1, 2004
New Products/Case Studies

Indirect water heater

Burnham Hydronics

The Burnham G, a porcelain-lined indirect water heater, is available in four sizes: 40, 50, 79 and 100 gallons. It offers the longevity and corrosion resistance of a porcelain-enameled tank and coil with the quick heat recovery and convenience of an indirect-fired water heater. Each tank is surrounded by CFC-free foam insulation. The 40- and 50-gallon tanks are wrapped in a steel jacket, and the 79- and 100-gallon tanks are wrapped in a plastic jacket.
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HVAC technology

Mitsubishi Electric

CITY MULTI R2 is a variable refrigerant flow zoning (VRFZ) system that features inverter technology, and simultaneous cooling and heating. Inverter technology varies the speed of the compressor to deliver the exact amount of cooling or heating demanded by each zone. The system allows users to cool or heat only occupied spaces, saving valuable resources.
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Flooring finish

Tnemec Company, Inc.

StrataShield is a line of high-performance coatings developed to meet any flooring environment. Its advanced chemistry is a result of improved bonding of resins and hardeners within the molecular structure. Other features include greater moisture tolerance, shorter cure times, easy mixing ratios and epoxies with resistance to yellowing.
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Space-saving seating


The Hide-A-Bench is designed as a 9-, 12-, or 15-foot-long, two-tier seating system that accommodates up to 20 adults per 15-foot bench. It folds downward from its attachment point and locks into an open position. When closed, it locks into a 6-inch profile. It can be mounted permanently to most flat surfaces by lag or anchor bolts. It is constructed of an all-aluminum support structure, with a clear, silver anodized finish.
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Compact boiler


The LX Series boilers occupy 33 percent less floor space than typical firetube boilers. Their compact design means much smaller radiation losses and larger fuel savings. Their original water content is less than one-twentieth of the amount necessary in a boiler of comparable horsepower. The original water content of a 200 BHP Miura boiler is 50 gallons, compared with 1,000 gallons for a 200 BHP standard firetube boiler.
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Patch panels


The Angled DP6 PLUS and DP5e Punchdown Patch Panels are designed to meet the latest TIA/EIA specifications for Category 6 and 5e. The panels facilitate proper bend radius of each cable as it is routed directly into a vertical manager, eliminating the need for horizontal cable managers. This system manages high-density network equipment in up to half the area required by today's conventional cable-management systems, and allows the end user to increase rack density and reduce telecommunication room square-footage requirements.
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Fingerprint technology


The V-Station incorporates advanced fingerprint technology in a self-contained terminal. It can support standard and proprietary communication formats and store up to 3,000 templates on the unit. Models include the V-Station-A-P (Proximity model), which has the base model features plus an internal HID OEM proximity reader; the V-Station-A-G (MIFARE model), which has the base model features plus an internal Gemplus MIFARE smart-card reader; and the V-Station-A-H (iCLASS model), which has the base model features plus an internal HID iCLASS smart-card reader.
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Notebook PC


The Satellite A45 Series of notebook PCs comes fully equipped with integrated WiFi (802.11 g) wireless connectivity (except the Satellite A45-120). The notebooks also include Microsoft Office OneNote, enabling users easily to capture and organize notes more efficiently. The mid-range Satellite A45-S150 notebook offers increased memory for more storage capabilities, integrated wireless connectivity, and a faster processor to offer greater horsepower when creating multimedia presentations or watching DVD movies.
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Protective wall panels

USG Corporation

FIBEROCK Brand AQUA-TOUGH Interior Panels are engineered to provide increased resistance to abuse while outperforming paper-faced or glass-mat-faced panels. Their formulation provides water resistance through the core, and the panels are approved for use in wet areas, including tub surrounds.
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Document management

RISO, Inc.

The RISO Document Management Solutions for Education is a multi-technology system that helps schools reduce printing and copying costs significantly, improve information distribution within schools and across districts, and improve student performance. Schools and districts can manage document flow between copying, scanning, faxing, e-mail and printed output with the touch of a button. The system integrates RISO Printer-Duplicators, Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) and software that distributes documents across multiple platforms.
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Identification kit

Avery Dennison

The Avery Photo ID System allows front lobby personnel to register visitors quickly, produce attractive color photo ID badges, keep a digital record of all facility visitors, and maintain a more professional entrance or lobby. The kit provides everything an organization needs to start creating quality photo ID badges including software, web camera, bar code scanner, USB hub and sample photo ID badge supplies. The system software works with most Windows-based PCs and desktop inkjet printers.
Circle 310 for more information

Adhesive patch


The Zip Patch is a patch of adhesive-impregnated fiberglass that repairs punctured or abrasion-damaged surfaces. It adheres to metal, concrete, wood, ceramics, composites and most plastics, and cures quickly to a hard, waterproof surface. Zip Patch withstands service temperatures to 200 degrees and is ideal for pipes, tanks, drums and other equipment.
Circle 311 for more information

Floor covering

Mats, Inc.

Chocflex, part of the DzynSpec Innovative Floor Covering Collection, is a commercial-grade, no-wax vinyl floor covering with an acoustic backing that is engineered for high-traffic areas. It absorbs sound, resists wear and provides easy movement for wheels. It also is dimensionally stable and will not shrink, stretch or curl. Court lines can be applied easily to the surface with paint or tape.
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Self-cleaning system

A.O. Smith Water Products Company

The Eliminator self-cleaning lime tamer system, an addition to all models of Master-Fit commercial gas-fired water heaters, helps reduce sediment buildup from settling in water heater tanks. A rotating turbulence keeps sediment particles moving. Pressurized incoming cold water is directed to sweep the bottom of the tank and all critical weld areas. The sediment particles then are carried out with the next hot water draw, rather than settling on the tank's bottom.
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Security booth


The BRK model can be used as a permit security checkpoint at school entrances. All incoming traffic stops and presents permit identification at the building prior to entering school grounds. The booth features a brick facade, and is available with a flat or optional standing-seam roof. The building arrives fully assembled and completely prewired. A variety of climate-control options are available. Duraluminum and Durasteel model booths also are available, and are built to withstand almost any environmental conditions.
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Mailing machine


The IJ Dynamic Scale (IJDS) for the IJ65, IJ75 and IJ85 Series Mailing Machines is an intelligent, in-motion weighing system that enables customers to weigh large mixed batches of mail and calculate exact postage at speeds up to 130 letters per minute. The advanced 3D sensing feature determines length, width and thickness of each mail piece to ensure the correct postage is applied, providing complete accuracy and reducing postage waste.
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Faucet/flushometer literature


The Guildmark Collection literature includes aesthetically pleasing faucets that complement and coordinate with the company's existing line of upscale Flushometers. The four-color literature highlights the collection's elegant finishing options that meet the demands of design-conscious buyers.
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Fire protection

Honeywell/Fire-Lite Alarms

The line of fire-protection technology from Fire-Lite includes a variety of addressable fire-alarm control panels, conventional panels and detectors, emergency voice-evacuation control panels, digital alarm communicator transmitters, power supplies and chargers, manual pull stations, upload/download software, and LCD/LED annunciators and relays. It offers Microsoft Windows-based software utilities to assist customers in the configuration of programming the panels.
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Compression technology

GE Interlogix

The ClearCast real-time, enterprise-class digital video and audio recording system incorporates compression technology to deliver recording capabilities that use small amounts of storage. The system provides full-frame recording without the use of simulation or scene-filling methods and uses much less storage space than MPEG-2/4. The capture station collects video and audio signals, and compresses and records the data onto internal hard drives while permitting both local and remote access for playback and live viewing.
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Filtration system


The filtration of the Edge 12 will protect a machine and indoor air quality while vacuuming. Multiple filters in the machine allow particles as small as 0.1 microns to be trapped at the source. The vacuum motor is filter-protected for better sound isolation. It has a reach-under design, allowing it to lie flat for vacuuming under furniture and other obstacles. The built-in hose, wand, accessories and bag storage allow for cleaning an entire area with ease.
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Emergency exit device

Sargent/Essex Industries, Inc.

SARGuide is an exit device that contains an illuminated touchpad, enhancing the visibility of exit devices in low-light conditions. It is a supplement to existing codes for egress lighting and uses electroluminescent technology developed by E-Lite Technologies to provide an illuminated guide to the nearest exit. SARGuide is illuminated using a FLATLITE lamp embedded within the Lexan touchpad. There are no filaments to break or fail, and the device is immune to vibration or shock.
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In-room air purifier

Blueair, Inc.

Improvements to the Model 501 in-room air purifier result in a 25 percent increase in airflow, more efficient charging to particles in the ionization chamber, and higher electrostatic filter technology. The new CADR ratings for the Model 501 are 388 for smoke, 377 for dust and 378 for pollen. The higher the rating, the faster the unit filters the air. The purifier's power consumption is 15 to 95 watts, and room capacity for the Model 501 is 620 square feet.
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The power struggle: A historic university employs new-age technology to supply its campus with energy

Power Measurement

The University of Santo Tomas, the Phillipines, is the oldest university in Asia at nearly 400 years old, and is situated on a single campus with more than 30,000 students.

Between 1995 and 2000, power requirements for the university increased dramatically when it expanded campus utilities and related infrastructures. This strained the university's substation, which acted as its main power-distribution facility for more than 20 years.

The system suffered a major transformer failure in the mid 1990s, and infrared analysis in 2000 showed critical system deterioration in the main oil circuitbreaker, which could have led to a catastrophic power failure for the entire campus.

The university decided to build its own substation to service the entire campus. The new substation had to address higher power quality, more accurate cost allocation and billing, simplified maintenance, and improved monitoring and control of the overall electrical system. The university chose ION technology from Power Measurement to be the monitoring system's backbone.

The fully automated monitoring and control system uses the combined capabilities of its ION energy-management software, and meters for power and energy usage metering, alarm monitoring, breaker status and control, and transformer temperature monitoring. The information it gathers also is used to schedule and conduct preventive maintenance of equipment, and to explain and correct transient conditions and anomalies with the university's electrical network. The enterprise energy management (EEM) system has four ION 7700 and 19 ION 7330 meters in the main substation to monitor and control transformers and circuitbreakers, and an additional 24 ION meters to monitor distribution points in the medical, research and education buildings.

All the substation meters are connected via the ethernet to a central workstation, where all information is funneled into ION Enterprise, a software package that aggregates and analyzes the data from multiple meter sources and acts as a central intelligence for the entire system. The ION EEM system also allows for quick emergency response and centralized billing for the university.
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Window film: Installing film on school windows can provide safety, security and energy control

Bekaert Specialty Films

In today's school systems, administrators constantly must contend with two issues: students' safety and operating costs. Kenneth Payne, school superintendent for Duneland School Corporation, Porter County, Ind., addressed both issues with the Liberty Elementary School building, hoping to find a solution that could benefit the entire district.

Through its single-pane windows, the school was losing a significant amount of energy in the winter and had excessive solar heat gain in the warmer months. Administrators also were concerned about building safety and protecting the students in light of the threats and violence that schools around the nation were experiencing. Also, they wanted to make sure the large amount of computer equipment was as secure as possible.

The school installed 2,349 square feet of Armorcoat 4 Mil Solar Bronze 35, the advanced film that offers energy control, and safety and security features. The installation produced immediate results. In addition to rejecting 70 percent of the total solar energy and having a solar heat gain coefficient of .30, the film brought the school's energy consumption down more than 12 percent. Only weeks after installation, an attempt was made to smash through one of the windows. Although completely shattered, the film held all the glass securely in place. The benefits and results from the installation have led the school system to plan a phased film installation for all of its schools.Circle 326 for more

Establishing a connection: Wireless phones allow campus communication over unfamiliar distances

Nextel Communications

For institutions of higher education, the fall semester means more than just new students and new classes. At Marquette University, Milwaukee, it meant new communication challenges.

Working with Nextel Communications, B.J. Cook, the university's telecommunications manager, devised a plan to keep students and university staff connected across unfamiliar distances, extending the campus community to include the Executive Inn, an off-campus hotel that became temporary housing for an overflow of students. The university used more than 100 Nextel wireless phones with Direct Connect, the long-range digital walkie-talkie feature, and Mobile Extension, a sophisticated PBX integration solution that allows mobile phone users to receive a university dial tone, a set class of service, university voicemail, and the ability to make calls using the same five-digit capability of campus landlines.

Nextel's handsets also provided an added element of efficiency for administrators dealing with campus emergencies, such as a fire in a residence hall. Although students in the affected on-campus building did not have assigned Nextel phones, residence hall staff and employees across a number of disciplines, and across many miles, did.

Encouraged by the pervasiveness of the Nextel technology, administrators elected to keep a number of phones, deployed under special circumstances, circulating across different user groups for the entire school year.
Circle 327 for more

Supporting visibility: Lighting plays a role in renovating an 81-year-old school building


One challenge of the Lincoln School, Providence, R.I., renovation was to create a bright, comfortable environment that would provide visibility for the many activities that take place during a school day.

PDT Architects, Portland, Maine, worked with Lightolier to use flexible lighting and controls for creating a functional environment for students and teachers, while conserving energy and lowering operating costs.

In the upper-floor classrooms, suspended indirect lighting that uses thin high-output fluorescent sources creates a bright space with excellent visibility. Track-mounted, adjustable wall washers illuminate the front wall of the classroom to focus attention forward. The energy demand for lighting averages about one watt per square foot, a reduction of 20 to 30 percent from previous levels.

Built-in cove lighting and wall washers provide soft, indirect lighting for a relaxed atmosphere in the school's meeting room, which also can serve as a student lounge. Track-mounted accent lights highlight student projects, while a central 24-foot-long fluorescent chandelier acts as a formal, focal element. Dimmers with pushbutton settings allow lighting effects to be adjusted easily.

In the music room, accent lights are fitted to the bottom of the indirect lighting. Using a handheld remote control, the teacher can introduce theatrical-style lighting effects to support informal performances.

To achieve a pleasant atmosphere in the corridors, monitors add areas of daylight to the top floor, and 2-foot-square soft lighting coffers recessed into the grid ceilings provide smooth brightness on the walls throughout. Low-wattage fluorescent tubes keep energy usage to 0.7 watts per square foot use. Emergency lighting battery packs are fitted into the stairway sconces to maintain a clean appearance.
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Building a paperless campus: Document management software helps conserve paper


The fax machines and mailboxes at the University of South Carolina were being bombarded by about 500,000 sheets of paper annually from the sharing of information between multiple offices. The graduate school needed a way to share student records while cutting down on the massive paper waste.

USC, like most large universities, requires prospective students to submit 50 pages or more of application materials. In the mid-1990s, USC's graduate school was getting 50,000 of these documents per year. At the same time, the staff had to maintain more than 7,000 current student files. Nearly one million sheets of paper could be found in the graduate school admissions office at a given moment.

The graduate school's director of admissions, Dale Moore, sought a solution to give each department access to the students' application files. The graduate school installed LaserFiche, an easy-to-use document management solution.

“LaserFiche's familiar, drill-down browser enabled staff to easily create new digital folders for each student,” Moore says. “If a student sent in one document at a time, the hassle was minimal; staff simply pulled up the folder created for the student and loaded the image.”

Today, USC still receives 10,000 applications a year in its graduate school office, but it doesn't need to make 500,000 copies. By adding a recent LaserFiche innovation called WebLink, the school doesn't have to rely on e-mail or the school's wide-area network for inter-departmental communication.

“We process our documents more quickly and more effectively,” Moore says. “It is much easier for us to monitor quality and to be consistent. That goes for all 17 departments. We're all on the same page now.”
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