The Top Ten Products

Jan. 1, 2004
The 10 most requested products of 2003, as determined by readers.


  1. Online concept Kaba Ilco

    The Millennium Entry 2-Door Kit gives access to specific areas and provides instant reporting of events and alarms for up to 10,000 users per door. User access profiles, alarms, and audits all are handled in real-time with Windows software. The system also can turn electrical devices on or off on a schedule, or in response to an alarm.
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  2. Floor protection Expanded Technologies

    The Slip-On Floor Saver slips around furniture legs to protect floors from scratches and marks, and lasts at least four times longer than standard pads with adhesive backing. It is available in two sizes and fits most table and chair legs.
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  3. Bird repellent Bird-B-Gone

    Transparent Bird Gel Repellent is an affordable, effective and non-toxic product that discourages birds from landing. It applies easily with a caulking gun and protects buildings, signs and structures from bird droppings and damage. Effective at a wide temperature range, the repellent is long-lasting and economical.
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  4. Backpack comfort ProTeam

    The backpack suspension system allows users more comfort in wearing backpack vacuums. It has a fully adjustable back plate, with two flexible and supportive sections; a soft back pad for superior comfort; S-shaped, body-contour-padded shoulder straps; and an adjustable, across-the-chest sternum strap for load integration and stability. The system is available on all new ProTeam backpack vacuums and can be retrofitted onto most others.
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  5. Sports flooring class Gerflor Sports Flooring

    G2i, Inc., the agent for Taraflex Sports Flooring by Gerflor, has received approval from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to offer a one-credit learning course for its members this year. Indoor Sports Flooring is a course that will cover what makes a sports floor, the importance of safety in sports flooring and sports flooring standards. The traveling program is offered free of charge.
    Circle 304 for more information

  6. Cleaning system Kaivac, Inc.

    KaiAuto is a wide-area squeegee, available in 28- and 42-inch widths, that serves as a complement to Kaivac's No-Touch Cleaning system. It cleans floors as deeply as an auto scrubber, but in a way that extends the life of the floor finish. In independent testing, the 42-inch KaiAuto was able to clean 1,000 square feet in seven minutes.
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  7. Power unit KI.

    The PowerUp module features molded polycarbonate to ensure the unit's strength and durability. With a simple touch of a finger, a dampened spring-loaded mechanism gracefully opens the unit to expose the power modules for easy connectivity. The data jacks remain stationary to protect the integrity of the thinner data wires.
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  8. Floor systems Musson Rubber Company

    Solid, heavy-duty rubber, vinyl or aluminum stair treads are available for interior and exterior applications. The new catalog illustrates safety products such as fire, safety, grit-strip, visually impaired and glow-strip stair systems. Matching flooring includes disco, low disc, square and diamond tiles, which are displayed in the expanded color line.
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  9. Fitness flooring Surface America, Inc.

    Elastocrete Full-Pour features a poured basemat-wear coat and urethane top. The result is a mercury- and lead-free, seamless, durable top surface that is ideal for performance and multi-purpose uses. The Elastocrete Roll Pour system combines a prefabricated basemat produced in rolls from recycled rubber and urethane. Its pour urethane top provides a seamless and durable surface.
    Circle 308 for more information

  10. Lighting system Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

    The Digital microWATT system provides automated on/off light switching, full-range dimming capability, and precise real-time monitoring of a building's entire lighting system. It allows building managers to adjust and automate any area of a building's lighting, and employees can control the lighting in individual work areas — all by using their own PCs.
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