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Sept. 1, 2002
New Products/Case Studies

Energy consumption: University receives high marks for low energy use
Andover Controls

Founded in 1866, the University of New Hampshire, nestled in the woodlands of the rural seacoast of Durham, is a public university serving an undergraduate population of 10,500 students. As a research university, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently recognized UNH for being in the top 5 percent of energy-efficient research universities in the country.

The DOE's Oak Ridge National laboratory surveyed 180 colleges and universities. The survey was the first of its kind and, based on the survey data, UNH saved more than $4 million in energy costs over the last year. Energy-savings efforts have included lighting change-outs, motor replacements, control-system upgrades, and energy-awareness programs for the maintenance and operations staff, students and faculty.

The system at UNH has expanded to several thousand points performing direct digital control in over 40 campus buildings. Along with HVAC and lighting control in classrooms, residence halls, and office buildings, the system also controls and monitors equipment in the central steam and hot water plant. Several unique applications include ammonia level monitoring at the ice rink and fume-hood control in the research laboratories.
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Facility scheduling

FSDirect is an online facility scheduling system developed for managing educational facility usage requests and schedules. This web-native tool tracks availability with an interactive calendar and recovers the cost of facility usage with invoicing.
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Water cooler
Halsey Taylor

A new CD-Rom featuring Voyager water coolers has been introduced. Ideal for specifying, purchasing and installation of water coolers, the CD contains a section detailing the installation process and maintenance. It also features specification sheets and owners manuals that can be printed for immediate use and reference.
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Cooling towers
Marley Cooling Technologies

Contractors and building owners now can get a factory-assembled crossflow Primus cooling tower. The CTI-certified tower is ideal for applications with cooling capacities between 31 and 326 tons. It is lightweight and has a vertical air discharge to reduce noise and save space. Shorter lead times are available, which allow the tower to be delivered in about two weeks.
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Software solutions: Procurement software is saving money and time for school districts

In summer 2001, the Florida School Boards Association (FSBA) and AcquireX created a partnership to introduce the benefits of eProcurement to the Florida education community. Envisioned benefits include bringing districts competitive pricing, superior customer service and improved process efficiencies by capitalizing on AcquireX's hosted software solution and services. One year into the initiative, one-third of all Florida school districts use the system in some manner.

AcquireX worked closely with the Pinellas County, Fla., School Board (PCSB) purchasing department to map out how to maximize benefits for the district.

In August 2001, the district began placing purchase order transactions from the central purchasing office. By January 2002, more than 100 users were trained, and in April, dozens more were added. The user base continues to grow, placing internal purchase orders, utilizing procurement card transactions, and districtwide purchase orders.

“AcquireX was instrumental in helping our school district purchase printer supplies at a significant savings,” says Jane Gallucci, immediate past president of FSBA and Pinellas County school board member.

The district anticipates expanding the program to include more commodities, particularly technology items, to further potential savings.
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Insulation board
Johns Manville

The high-density single ply board is a low-thermal rigid insulation board composed primarily of expanded perlite, with reinforcing cellulosic fibers, and a patterned binder formulation. The top surface has a proprietary polymerized emulsion coating.
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Emergency repairs
ChemLink, Inc.

The M-1 structural sealant is an all-purpose roof repair product that now is offered in a two-gallon size. Solvent-free, it is a tough, thermosetting adhesive designed for bonding and sealing applications on low-slope commercial roofing. Elastic and waterproof, it develops 300 pounds-per-square-inch of strength on metal, masonry and wood.
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HVAC systems
Steril-Aire, Inc.

The new, longer UVC Emitters kill microbes that grow in and circulate through HVAC systems, including anthrax, their spores and other bacteria; smallpox and other viruses; and mold and mold-based products. These devices also keep coils and drain pans clean, reducing maintenance requirements for these components while returning or maintaining coil heat-exchange efficiency for energy savings.
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Water fountain
Oasis Corporation

The Versacooler line features split-level and reverse split-level electric water coolers. These barrier-free split-level models have been designed to serve children and adults simultaneously with their high and low cold drinking-water dispensers.
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Training tables
Fixtures Furniture

The Syllabus line of training tables offer two wire-management options, including a lay-in and a pull-through option. Easy to relocate and reconfigure, the lay-in option requires less setup time and is easy to take down. The pull-through option is solid, durable and efficient for long-term configuration setups.
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Line locator
Rigid Tool Company

The NaviTrak line locator makes it possible to identify the precise location and depth of a transmitter in buried pipes and drains. It locates underground cast-iron pipes, water, electrical and telephone lines and other metallic cables when lines are energized.
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Window replacement

Broken window panes, peeling paint, loose and rotten window castings, and dried-out window putty are problems remedied with the alternative replacement-window systems. The insulated system is factory pre-engineered for fast, easy installation from inside or outside. They are rugged, shatterproof and maintenance-free.
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Fire alarm

The flexible Onyx 640 panel adapts to various size applications. It offers faster polling and response time by using Flash-Scan technology, the new Signaling Line Circuit protocol with increased loop capacity of up to 318 devices. It is designed to provide forward and backward compatibility for upgrades of existing systems.
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Bacterial growth

Joined with AgION Technologies, SARGuard has been introduced. The AgION anti-microbial compound is a silver-based agent that is incorporated in the SARGuard coating. The coating with the anti-microbial suppresses the growth of damaging bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew.
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Water conservation
Sloan Valve Company

The new performance kit is designed to retrofit all Royal Flushometers manufactured after 1964. The kit combines three product design features including the fixed dual-filtered bypass, the V-600-A vacuum breaker and the handle repair parts.
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Snow removal
Fisher Engineering

The Minute Mount 2 makes snow removal manageable with a built-in handle that simultaneously disengages both connecting pins when the plow is removed. The lower gear is flared twice as wide as before, allowing easier drive-in alignment. A spring-loaded lift chain automatically retracts the lift arm.
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Surveillance camera
GE Interlogix, Kalatel division

The Ultra Rugged series of high-resolution, robust, discreet cameras provide surveillance with durable housings that blend into the environment and stand up to the harshest conditions. Features include hardy weatherproof die-cast aluminum or stainless-steel housing, strong impact- and vandal-resistant Lexan windows/domes and tamper-proof screws.
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