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Oct. 1, 2003
New products/Case studies
Flat-panel monitorHumanscale

The M7 Flat Panel Monitor Arm Series can be mounted easily to an adjustable arm, which allows it to be ideally positioned for each individual user. It can be configured for virtually every workstation and is equally ideal for applications requiring multiple monitors. It offers 8 inches of dynamic height adjustment and an additional 6 inches of static height adjustment. Users also can customize the angle, depth and viewing position of the monitor for maximum benefit.
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Casement windowGraham Architectural Products

The 6800 Series, casement-style, projected window combines secure ventilation and stylish options in a 3.5-inch-jamb-depth school window. Options include a 1-inch insulated glazing system with low-e coating, a vandal-resistant polycarbonate outboard panel, a triple-glazing system for high acoustical performance, dust-free internal blinds (in triple-glazed system), true divided lites, applied exterior muntins and a variety of custom paint colors.
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Rigging systemHoffend

VORTEK is a theatrical rigging system that automates the raising and lowering of scenery, electrical pipes and curtains in a safe, easy-to-operate manner. It eliminates the dangerous steel weights, locking rails, ropes, elevated loading bridge and guesswork associated with old-style rigging systems.
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Power unitKI

The PowerUp module features molded polycarbonate to ensure the unit's strength and durability. With the touch of a finger, a dampened spring-loaded mechanism gracefully opens the unit to expose the power modules for easy connectivity. The data jacks remain stationary to protect the integrity of the thinner data wires.
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Modular fanGreenheck

The Modular Small Cabinet Fan provides a low-cost method for air conditioning or heating buildings. Its low-profile housing is designed to conserve space above ceilings. The modular construction allows for sections to be added or reconfigured.
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Backpack comfortProTeam

The backpack suspension system allows users more comfort in wearing backpack vacuums. It has a fully adjustable back plate, with two flexible and supportive sections; a soft back pad for superior comfort; S-shaped, body-contour-padded shoulder straps; and an adjustable, across-the-chest sternum strap for load integration and stability. The system is available on all new ProTeam backpack vacuums and can be retrofitted onto most others.
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Interactive softwareHitachi

The StarBoard F-60 and F-75 use a combination of ultrasound and infrared technology to sense the location of pen-type devices near its surface. The systems are available with built-in wireless technology to link to the host computer or with serial interfaces for wired connections. The StarBoard software permits presenters to run computer applications and add freehand annotations to the graphics using pen-type devices and dry-erase markers. Pen devices work just like a mouse when running applications. When in annotation mode, the pen acts like a writing instrument.
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Stylish ash urnUpbeat Incorporated

The Smashed Butt Ash Urn is cast from two aggregate colors to resemble a smashed cigarette butt. It is made of PreCast, which has the same properties as concrete. This makes the urn easy to maintain, but difficult to vandalize. Its manufacturing method combines stone with epoxy, creating a strong mixture.
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Bird repellentBird-B-Gone

Transparent Bird Gel Repellent is an affordable, effective and non-toxic product that discourages birds from landing. It applies easily with a caulking gun and protects buildings, signs and structures from bird droppings and damage. Effective at a wide temperature range, the repellent is long-lasting and economical.
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Fitness flooringSurface America, Inc.

Elastocrete Full-Pour features a poured basemat-wear coat and urethane top. The result is a mercury- and lead-free, seamless, durable top surface that is ideal for performance and multipurpose uses. The Elastocrete Roll Pour system combines a prefabricated basemat produced in rolls from recycled rubber and urethane. Its pour urethane top provides a seamless and durable surface.
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Moisture controlDesert Aire

The Natatorium Dehumidifier eliminates moisture from poolrooms while conserving energy. Unlike an air conditioner, it will reheat the air before releasing it back into the poolroom. The dehumidifier also recovers energy from poolroom air and transfers it into pool water as heat. This saves energy by reducing the need to use electricity or gas to heat the pool.
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Communication solutionU.S. Netcom Corp.

PhoneMaster for Windows version 4.6 allows an organization to communicate any information, in any language, to and from clients by phone or computer. Training strategies include phone training, video tutorials, user guides and a technical support staff.
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LightingEclipse Lighting Inc.

The Cobra-head Series is engineered specifically for induction lamping and offers extraordinary lamp life, instant on/restrike and clean white color. A high-efficiency reflector system provides broad and even illumination for street lighting, highway signage, security and general-area illumination.
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Sports flooring classGerflor Sports Flooring

G2i, Inc., the agent for Taraflex Sports Flooring by Gerflor, has received approval from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to offer a one-credit learning course for its members this year. "Indoor Sports Flooring" is a course that will cover what makes a sports floor, the importance of safety in sports flooring and sports flooring standards. The traveling program is offered free of charge.
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E-mail recoveryKroll Ontrack Inc.

EasyRecovery EmailRepair recovers and repairs Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook files that have been corrupted due to application crashes, inadvertent system shutdowns, data corruption or power outages.
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Demonstration hoodHemco

This hood is ideal for experiments/demonstrations because of its viewing visibility from all four sides. A hinged viewing window or optional horizontal sliding glass panel allows for easy access and user safety. An integral exhaust blower safely disposes of fumes and odors. A wide selection of accessories, including tables and ducting, also is available.
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Managing mailBCC Software

Mail Manager 2010 allows medium-to-large schools and universities to optimize postal presorts, utilize streamlined database maintenance functions and reduce mailroom production costs. Its features include multi-threaded background processing, address encoding, expression building, web updates, multi-print capability and packaging or moving lists. These capabilities put more control and flexibility into mailroom operation, allowing users to minimize effort and maximize equipment usage and production.
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Cleaning systemKaivac, Inc.

KaiAuto is a wide-area squeegee, available in 28- and 42-inch widths, that serves as a complement to Kaivac's No-Touch Cleaning system. It cleans floors as deeply as an auto scrubber, but in a way that extends the life of the floor finish. In independent testing, the 42-inch KaiAuto was able to clean 1,000 square feet in seven minutes.
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Folder insertersNeopost

The Neopost SI30 is an automated system that can fold and insert 1,350 documents per hour, which is 10 times faster than performing this task manually. The high-capacity feeders require fewer material loadings. Its intuitive user interface enables all personnel to operate the machine without being trained, and there is no need for a dedicated operator. The feeder swap feature increases mailing productivity, allowing the system to continue running while being loaded.
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Fire alarm control panelNotifier

The NFS-3030 Panel is designed for medium to large applications. It is modular in design and allows for one to ten Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs) and up to 3,180 devices. The auto-programming feature enables the system to be operational within minutes. This flexibility is ideal for retrofit and new construction applications of any size. The 640-character, menu-driven display provides critical information concerning type and location of disturbance.
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Air-drying cabinetWhirlpool Corporation

The DryAire drying cabinet is a convenient option for clothing and other items that must be hung up or laid flat to dry. Constructed of pre-painted steel, the cabinet stands 68 inches in height with two fold-down shelves for flat-drying sweaters and blankets and a top shelf from which up to eight garments can hang. Three door racks can hold accessories. Warm air circulates within the cabinet to dry the clothes, and the user can control the temperature to add or decrease heat as needed.
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Self-cleaning glassPilkington

Pilkington Activ self-cleaning glass works because of titanium dioxide that is applied to one surface of hot glass while it is being formed. The sun's ultraviolet light continuously attacks, loosens and breaks down dirt. During the hydrophilic or “water-sheeting” process, water from rain or other sources washes away extra dirt particles, preventing streaks and water spots.
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Lighting improvements: Upgrades slash annual energy consumption and cost
Advance Transformer Company

Eastern Illinois University (EIU), Charleston, launched a large-scale upgrade of its HVAC, lighting and water systems in October 2001. The lighting portion of the upgrade covered more than 1.5 million square feet within 30 university buildings.

The project had three objectives: save energy, increase light levels and improve the quality of light. Outdated T-12 fluorescent lamps and magnetic ballasts were replaced with more than 10,000 REL-series Instant Start electronic fluorescent ballasts. EIU also was outfitted with about 1,000 new lighting fixtures, more than 300 occupancy sensors, and more than 200 LED exit signs. All of this was done while school was in session; classrooms and public spaces were upgraded at night and residential facilities after 9 a.m. each day.

EIU's lighting upgrade slashed the school's annual energy consumption by more than 3.7 million kilowatt hours and reduced its energy costs by $250,000 to $300,000 per year. The payback period will be three to four years, and the return on investment will be 25 percent to 35 percent.
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Rooftop system: A small school district scores big on energy savings
McQuay International

The one-roof school in Bettsville, Ohio, was built in the 1950s, expanded in the 1970s and outgrown by 2000. It was in need of renovation, including a new HVAC system to comply with the state's stringent energy-management requirements. School officials wanted to install a system that was designed specifically to condition ventilation air — a major portion of any energy bill. They chose McQuay RoofPak applied rooftop system, which heats, cools and ventilates buildings.

Because the school lacked a mechanical room to store indoor air-handling units and energy-recovery wheels required by Ohio state standards for HVAC systems in schools, the state granted the school variance to install rooftop air-handling units with energy wheels.

The RoofPak units are assembled at the factory, and tested and shipped as a one-piece package. This eliminates on-site assembly and coordination, lowering costs.

“Energy-recovery systems lower first costs even more because they reduce capacity requirements for mechanical refrigeration, heating and humidifying,” says Scott Warner, a mechanical contractor. “This allows the system to be downsized, helps to offset the initial cost of the energy recovery wheel, and reduces the unit's electrical requirements for even more cost savings.”

The units are custom-built to meet any building's size and space requirements. The complete package is customized for a specific project, and it includes an energy-efficient expansion cooling system with a wide range of filter, fan, coil and heating options.
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Architectural window systems: University re-creates existing spaces by juxtaposing old and new
Wausau Window and Wall Systems

Preserving the rich history of the 254-year-old Princeton University campus, Wausau helped upgrade campus buildings, such as Frist Campus Center, to accommodate the needs of students, faculty and alumni through the 21st century.

Wausau worked with construction company Barr and Barr and glazing contractor City Newark Glass for the Frist Campus Center. The project team renovated the existing 110,000-square-foot building and constructed a new 90,000-square-foot addition. The architects created a sense of community through spatial layering and iconography.

The north entrance is a two-story facade leading visitors through a series of streets lined with shops, student mailboxes, information boards and computers. The dark, narrow hallways of the original structure now open to a light-filled atrium. The building's highlight is a 58-foot tall, glass and aluminum curtainwall with the university's shield directly fritted in the glass.

Wausau designed 7¼-inch-deep framing members and trim to provide sightlines varying from 2½ inches to 8 inches, achieving the visual interest of major and minor columns and spandrels. Wausau's SuperWall spans from floor-to-floor or across multiple floors and can be structurally glazed horizontally or vertically with a variety of glazing, vent and entrance options.

Adding to the exterior aesthetic appearance of Frist Campus Center, Wausau worked with its sister company, Linetec, and Venturi, Scott, Brown and Associates to create custom accent bands and three colors of finishes on the trim and covers. Wausau also incorporated rain screen cladding with aluminum back pans.
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