Project File: Educational neighborhood prototype takes shape

Dec. 1, 2001
Corky McMillin Elementary School, Chula Vista, Calif.

Construction is complete on the $10.9 million, 60,000-square-foot Corky McMillin Elementary School located on a 10.3-acre site in Chula Vista. The project represents a prototype designed, in collaboration with the district, to reflect a new way of thinking in education facilities for the information-technology age.

The project team worked directly with the assistant superintendent for business services and support and the school district during a two-week charette, or series of workshops, where the two groups examined case studies and interviewed teachers, administrators, maintenance personnel and community members for input on a design that would best suit both elementary schools.

The campus encompasses nine single-story buildings, including an administration building, a multipurpose building, a library and six classroom buildings that will hold 750 students in grades K to 6, with extra space to accommodate growth.

Design goals consisted of a depiction of a village-like atmosphere where buildings are compatible with surrounding residential neighborhoods. The exteriors have Californian stucco finishes and standing-seam metal roofs. All the buildings have covered walkways.

The administration building is located near the main entry to represent a “downtown” village for easy public access and overall supervision of campus activities. This building houses the reception area, staff offices, conference room, teachers' lounge, workroom and a nurse's office.

Tucker Sadler Noble Castro Architects (San Diego, Calif.) is architect for the project. Key project consultants included Simon Wong Engineering (San Diego), structural engineering; Randall Lamb (San Diego), electrical and mechanical engineering; Winzler & Kelly (San Diego), civil engineers; and Wimmer, Yamada & Caughey (San Diego), landscape architects.

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