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Feb. 1, 2003
The latest products to help schools and universities manage their facilities.
Security system: Taking security into the digital ageSalient Systems Corporation

Last year, the police department of Spring Branch Independent School District, Houston, installed Salient digital surveillance systems on five school campuses to monitor lunchrooms, hallways, and student and teacher parking lots. The computer servers were connected through a wide-area network to desktop computers in the principals' offices and at the police department so that these offices could monitor and record activities on campus remotely on a real-time basis.

Chuck Brawner of the Spring Branch ISD Police Department says the surveillance system already has proven effective. For instance, the department arrested two students who called in bomb threats from pay phones located on school grounds. The students were observed on camera making the calls.

“Because we were immediately able to determine that the calls were made by the students and were a hoax, we did not have to evacuate the building, which would have been disruptive to the educational environment,” says Brawner.

The date and the approximate time of the event can be entered into the computer, and the system immediately will pull up the saved video file for review. With VHS-based systems, security personnel would sometimes spend hours forwarding and rewinding through videotapes to locate evidential footage.
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Network cablingHellermannTyton

The power-rated raceway system is manufactured from UL 94V-O rated, non-flammable PVC, for power up to 600 volts. It can be used in applications with power and low-voltage cabling requirements. The same sleek design, labor-savings features and durability of the low-voltage raceway are integrated with the complete raceway line — including the InfoStream, multi-channel raceway.
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Archived videoIntegral Technologies, Inc.

The First Line Archive Search can be downloaded from the Integral Technologies website. It allows users to search for and view video using any Windows client computer with access to the network storage location. The Archive Search feature will only work with First Line DVX systems running version 3.0 of the MasterControl software with Service Release 1.
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Window optionsWausau Window and Wall Systems

The new 3250HP Hurricane Series thermal barrier aluminum window provides vital protection for structures and occupants in compliance with Miami-Dade requirements and for other markets where hurricane, tornado and high wind performance are critical.
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Lighting designWaldmann Lighting

The Diva task light offers function and quality design by Porsche Manufacturing. It has high-tech styling, sleek arm design and platinum color. Built into the head is a parabolic louver that spreads light evenly over work surfaces and eliminates glare. Spring-balance adjustable arms, also made from aluminum in a twin vertical design, meet the requirements of work and desktop size.
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Air qualityAircuity, Inc.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) has joined forces with Aircuity, Inc. to offer complete IAQ screening, reporting and diagnostic services. NADCA-certified contractors offer proactive monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, airborne particles, total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), molds, ozone and radon.
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Window shadingLutron Electronics Co., Inc.

The Sivoia Motorized Shading System features a quiet motor, built-in intelligence and smart controls that make the process of adjusting window shades convenient and easy. When it is sunny, the windows can be covered to reduce heat, protect fabrics, lower energy use and make interiors more comfortable. As sunlight fades, window treatments can be opened to let in light. During evening hours, covering windows provides privacy.
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Vacuum cleaningProTeam

Three powerful, cordless vacuum cleaners are now available for situations where electrical outlets are not available or when unencumbered mobility, speed and quiet operation are important. The vacuums have constant run times ranging from 25 to 100 minutes, and recharge via a compact AC-charger and a readily accessible charge port. The quiet, cordless operation makes these machines ideal for unobtrusive daytime cleaning.
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Carpet colorsLees

The Polychrome Collection of broadloom carpeting features rich colors and a velvet-like texture. It uses a servo-controlled, super-precise cut and loop-tufting technology, resulting in a carpet that has a crisp loop and soft cut-pile texture. Available in nine colors, this carpet is suitable for a myriad of applications.
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Door productsMarshfield DoorSystems, Inc.

The Environmental Class doors are part of the Marshfield Signature Series. The doors are factory-machined, built to individual order specifications and certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). SCS certifies recycled and recovered material content through a detailed assessment of material acquisition records and manufacturing processes.
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Towel dispenserBobrick

The Surface-Mounted Roll Paper Towel Dispenser (model B-72860) offers easy pull force, which minimizes “tabbing” with many roll paper towel grades. The lever-less, pull-towel dispensing mechanism helps prevent cross contamination in hygiene-demanding applications. The translucent cover provides visibility for maintenance personnel to easily see when it is time to change rolls.
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Custom vehiclesClub Car

The Custom Vehicle Solutions (CVS) department has been added to the Club Car website at CVS specializes in custom vehicles modified for specific vehicle applications through accessories, attachments and custom designs from the chassis up.
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School busesBlue Bird

The Ford Micro Bird now will be available on the Ford dedicated compressed natural gas engine (CNG) chassis. The new chassis features a 5.4L engine with 225 horsepower and a four-speed automatic transmission. The E450 chassis is rated at 14,050# GVWR and has a 158-inch wheelbase. The engine meets federal ULEV and California HDE emissions requirements.
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Storage organizerHale Manufacturing

The Cubby Organizer is a fine-wood bookcase with postal-like storage options. It provides customized slot-storage options and has the added versatility of open-shelf wood bookcases. Shelves are constructed from kiln-dried solid birch, cherry, oak or walnut hardwood from renewable New York state forest sources.
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Pre-finished panelsHomasote Company

The tackable PINnacle 440 and PINnacle FR Class A Fire-Rated pre-finished interior museum-grade panels have been introduced for interior and protected exterior use. Made from recycled materials, the tackboards are a uniform material without knotholes, voids or splinters, and are available in custom sizes.
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Retrofit challenge: Carpet replacement without disrupting a library's daily operationsDuPont Flooring Systems

Dull, outdated carpet detracted from the otherwise visually and academically impressive library at the University of Texas — El Paso. Flooring replacement was necessary for a much-needed facelift, but this process presented obstacles.

Because the library's book capacity is up to 1.2 million volumes, it was feared that moving every single item from the shelves would put the inventory at risk of damage and misplacement — not to mention the time and money traditional renovation services entail.

The university accepted a bid from JJJ Floor Covering Inc., a DuPont Flooring Systems franchise, to replace the first-floor carpet using Library Liftman service. Twelve installation professionals completed the job while keeping library resources accessible to users throughout the process.

Completing the project in sections, the trained professionals attached fully stocked shelves up to 50 feet in length to an advanced modular system. The load was transferred to wheeled supports, allowing the stacks and their contents to be temporarily moved to an accessible location. The flooring was removed, replaced and the contents rolled back to their original location.

With the Library Liftman service, not a single book was moved from the shelf, and stacks of heavy books were quickly and easily moved aside while the carpet was replaced. The university was so pleased with the technology that they decided to continue the work throughout the entire building.
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Boiler efficiencyMiura Boiler West, Inc.

Sudden change and wild load swings create boiler problems. Often the solution is a back-up boiler, but this does not always solve the problem. Because Miura Watertube Boilers go from a cold boiler to a full head of steam in five minutes, they do not even have to be on between demands. The high-efficiency boilers run as needed, modulating themselves as the load dictates.
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Wireless technologyAmerican Innovation, Inc.

The fully automated, battery-powered, motion-activated Wireless Surveillance Package (WASP) is a covert system that has no exposed wires or antennas. Simply charge the camera, place it in the area that requires monitoring, and walk away. As soon as someone enters the monitored area, the system will turn itself on and begin transmitting video.
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Compliance aidSynergen, Inc.

A comprehensive solution has been announced to support Statement Numbers 34 and 35 of the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB 34/35) into the Synergen Series to provide government institutions tools to help them become GASB compliant. The series addresses all aspects of MRO.
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Cleaning efficiency: Cleaning a growing school requires the help of cleaning technologyNilfisk Advance

Many schools face dwindling budgets, despite rapid increases in attendance and new construction on campuses. In order to compensate for their inability to add more cleaning personnel, maintenance staffs are relying on new cleaning technology to pick up the slack.

In 1990, the Baldwin-Woodville School District, Baldwin, Wis., maintenance staff consisted of nine custodians and was able to clean all the elementary, middle and high schools with just mops and buckets. Two staff members have since been added, but to improve efficiency, the district purchased the TRAC 240B — a 24-inch Automated Walk-Behind Scrubber.

With a total cleaning area of 229,500 square feet, plus the 25,000-square-foot high school addition, the TRAC 240 can clean the area in the same amount of time without adding extra custodians. And, the same TRAC 240 that was purchased more than 10 years ago is still used today.

Soon after the first auto-scrubber purchase, the district began to buy cleaning supplies from the equipment distributor. The ability to get all of the cleaning supplies and equipment from one source saves the district time because it does not have to deal with several salespeople.

Over the years, the district has acquired two Advance Hydro-Retriever 2800 Rider Scrubbers, one ConvertaMax 26-inch Walk-Behind Scrubber, one AquaClean Carpet Extractor and three burnishers. It plans to buy another HR 2800 to handle a new middle school facility that is scheduled to open in 2003.
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Exit deviceDetex Corporation

The new Value Series, model V40 x EB x W, addresses many problems that loss-prevention and security managers face when trying to secure gates and doors located outside, or in areas with high-humidity and wetness. The device is weatherized and designed to operate in all types of climatic conditions including rain, snow, ice, humidity and intense heat.
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Gas detectionIndustrial Scientific Corporation

The AirAware line of fixed-point detection offers ammonia detection with enhanced features and expanded sensor capabilities. Also capable of monitoring other gases, including carbon monoxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, nitrogen dioxide or sulfur dioxide, AirAware monitors are engineered to provide flexibility.
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Floor productsBurkeMercer Flooring Products

The new comprehensive 2002 Architect Binder and Product Manual includes detailed product and specification information on wallbase, stairtreads, mouldings and rubber tile manufactured by BurkeMercer. It contains product and color reference charts, detailed specification information, the new 2002 Catalog and CSI-Part 2 Specifications.
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Window retrofits: Generous use of windows helps create an inviting atmosphere for students and facultyWausau Window and Wall Systems

Working hand-in-hand with Minnesota-based glazing contractor W.L. Hall and Company, Wausau Window and Wall Systems created a value-engineered window system for Buntrock Commons, the new student union at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn.

The structure was created to elicit a warm and welcoming feel, beckoning students and faculty alike inside to use and enjoy the facilities, which include a church and library, restaurants and coffee shops, bookstore and post office, and entertainment and academic activities. Generous use of Wausau's Epic series windows helped to achieve this goal.

The Gothic, beveled exterior-faced system allows the atrium's interior to be bathed in natural light at a pivotal point where several indoor walkways converge. Complementary beveled accent mullions, fabricated from custom aluminum extrusions, serve to harmonize the exterior appearance at curtainwall bays.

Panoramic views of the St. Olaf campus invite students and staff to linger in the Common's Fireside Lounge and Dining Hall, which is capable of holding the entire student body.
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Digital videoSamsung

The SDP-950ST and the SDP-950DX digital video presenters are compact, lightweight and fit on any podium. Each unit is easy to carry and weighs less than 10 pounds. The SDP-950DX presenter features image save and recall, two frames display, image split and shift, image rotation and a preset save option.
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Carpet cleanerEnvirOx

It cleans, brightens, deodorizes and reduces re-soiling with the double strength of hydrogen peroxide cleaning power and soil-retardant crystallizing polymers. H2Orange2 Crystal Carpet's crystallizing polymers trap residual cleaning agents and soils in a hard, brittle polymer that is removed by vacuuming.
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DegreaserAvmor Ltd.

The Avmor TD-9 Power Degreaser has been reintroduced with a new look and label, designed to make the bottle more visible. It is formulated as a ready-to-use degreaser for tough dirt, grease and oil. The 946ml ergonomic carafe bottle also is available.
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Bird solutionsBird-B-Gone, Inc.

The new Bird Spike 2000 offers a solution for eliminating unsightly bird droppings and its health-related problems. The spike product provides wide coverage and prevents birds from landing and roosting. It is non-conductive, and made from UV-protected polycarbonate and virtually invisible.
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Energy-efficient boilersAERCO International, Inc.

The high-efficiency Benchmark Boilers can support natural gas with propane backup in environments where “dual fuel” capability is mandated. To switch energy sources, users manually rotate a three-way ball valve accessible at the front of the unit. No changes in calibration, settings or controls are necessary.
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Online maintenance: On-site boiler feedback system provides useful information to the userMiura Boiler, Inc.

The feedback system for boiler systems offers an online data-reporting system for high-tech watertube boilers. It first came out as a system that fed information only from boilers back to the boiler manufacturer's headquarters.

There, the manufacturer could anticipate maintenance and repair problems from the boiler operation data they received. In turn, they could advise the customer's local service representative of adjustments the customer could make on-site. In addition, some adjustments could be made from headquarters.

As Baylor College of Medicine in Houstonexpanded, it increased its firetube boiler capacity to 2,100-boiler horsepower. The 21st-century physical plant that Baylor is striving to complete had to confront redundancy, capacity, regulatory and space issues.

Baylor wanted the new feedback technology from Miura Boilers, Inc. in addition to the other “watertube vs. firetube” benefits. Its facilities department liked to know what was happening with its equipment to lengthen the life cycle, conserve energy, reduce emissions and operate in a safer manner.

The college has one of the first installations of a significant update of this feedback technology. Now, its boiler operations staff can receive feedback similar to what was formerly available only to the manufacturer. Baylor wanted the system to ensure an uninterrupted supply of process and heating steam for this campus of buildings enclosing 1.4 million square feet.
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Card useMaxell Corporation of America

The Smart Cash Card is a digital tool intended to store or substitute available cash in a digital format usable in vending machines, copy machines, fax machines, laundry machines and other access points of sale. Stored data cannot be tampered with or damaged by moisture, abrasion or other environmental occurrence.
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