October 2012 Product Solutions

Oct. 1, 2012
Case study and product solution for the October issue

High performance

Ohio University to save estimated $38 million through energy performance contract

Constellation. Ohio University, Athens, has announced a guaranteed energy performance contract (EPC) that will save more than $38 million in water and energy costs over 15 years.

Constellation will provide energy-efficiency and water-conservation measures for 72 buildings at Ohio University’s main campus. Under the terms of the performance contract, the upgrades require no upfront capital from the university. Ohio University will use the guaranteed energy and operational savings from the conservation measures to pay for the $28 million project through low-interest bonds from the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority.

"This relationship will not only provide significant cost savings for the university, but will also move us closer to achieving the long-term goals outlined in our sustainability and climate action plans," says Steve Golding, vice president for finance and administration.

By incorporating water- and energy-conservation measures, Ohio University expects to conserve about 9 million gallons of water and avoid the creation of 50,145 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually over the next 15 years. The conservation measures installed include campuswide interior lighting retrofits; air system and tower condition improvements; HVAC direct digital controls expansion, upgrade and integration; variable-frequency drive installation on up to four dozen fan motors; kitchen hood improvements; pipe and blanket insulation; retro-commissioning of various building equipment; and water-conservation measures.

Work is scheduled for completion by summer of 2014.

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Rescue assistance stations

Aiphone Corporation. The new IS Series Rescue Assistance Stations offer immediate assistance to individuals. Security personnel can quickly assess emergencies using the audio/video RA stations or audio-only stations integrated with CCTV cameras. IS Series Rescue Assistance Stations meet the latest ADA regulations In addition, the unique modular emergency tower design saves money by lowering shipping costs and installation expenses.

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