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July 1, 2007
July 2007 New Products/Case Studies

Textile website


The Pallas Textiles website,, offers a portfolio of textile products categorized by color, price and pattern scale, as well as thread-level product details and a series of specification design tools. Swatching tools allow users to preview fabrics using a zoom feature. Designers can place options for upholstery and wood finishes on KI furniture to show the contrast between wood and textiles. PDFs then can be created for printing or e-mailing.
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Counting costs

The Garland Company, Inc.

Garland's life-cycle cost analysis examines initial cost comparisons, yearly maintenance requirements and predicted life expectancies of a number of roofing options. It uses an economic model that factors in expected inflation rates for labor costs and material, such as crude oil and asphalt, to reflect future expenditures throughout a roof's lifespan. It then discounts those costs back to today's dollars, based upon the required rate of return for a specific industry group.
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Lighting fixture

Architectural Area Lighting

Diretto is a cast-aluminum, post-top fixture with dual stainless-steel struts. It provides lighting along exterior areas of buildings and pathways, as well as illuminates common areas. It is available in four mounting options: post-top adaptor; wall-mounted arm; single-arm pole-mount arm; and twin-arm pole-mount arm. The fixtures are recommended for mounting on elevated posts from 9 feet to 18 feet.
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Structural sheathing


QuietBrace sound-deadening structural sheathing not only provides wall bracing, it also helps reduce outside noise. It provides a noise-reduction coefficient nearly twice as high as common wood structural sheathings such as OSB. By combining both benefits in one, it saves installation time, money and labor. It is certified to conform to the structural-grade fiberboard standard, ASTM C208.
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Rubber tile


Dimensions Rubber Tile offers three profiles: Random, a combination of rectangles that interact with one another in various profiles; Stripe, a twist on the original carpet tiles; and Crackle, a rendition of cracked ceramic tiles. All profiles are available in Roppe's complete tile color palette. The rubber flooring offers slip resistance, comfort under foot, sound-deadening qualities and reduced maintenance.
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Lavatory system


The 7000 series SloanStone solid-surface lavatory system installs fast and is serviceable from the top. Its continuous-curve basin design, in a wide array of designer finishes, eliminates the “institutional” look, yet stands up to any high-use restroom application. The double- and triple-station systems incorporate true point-of-use sensor faucet operation for accurate, water-efficient hand washing.
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Mail processing


Insert'n Mail is an electronic and physical connection between a folder inserter and mailing machine. It automates outgoing mail communications by allowing users to insert, fold and apply postage in one process to maximize productivity. An automatic start/stop function coordinates the two devices, further simplifying the process.
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Sidewall sprinkler


The Freedom line of fire-protection products includes a 5.8 (84) K factor recessed horizontal sidewall sprinkler. The VK460's larger K factor makes it well-suited for NFPA 13 residential applications, delivering the minimum required 0.1 gpm/ft.2 water density at lower starting pressures. For NFPA 13D and 13R systems requiring 0.5 gpm/ft.2 densities, the VK460 offers the lowest listed flows and pressures for all room sizes. Its flow shaper design provides for a smaller, less noticeable installed appearance.
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Power measurement

DENT Instruments

E-Kit Interval Recording Systems feature the ElitePro Recording Power Meter and exceed all requirements for determining the existing electrical load level (kVA demand) as defined by Article 220 of the National Electric Code. Typically, data gathered by the E-Kit can determine the unused capacity of a current electrical service. With data gathered over a 30-day period, it can help estimate whether existing electrical service or feeders need to be modified or replaced.
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Internal card reader

Special-Lite Inc.

Special-Lite FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) and AMP (Acrylic Modified Polyester) Flush Doors now can be outfitted with internal proximity card readers for locations where controlled access is desired. This factory hardware prep option allows a low-profile reader to be installed inside the door, in the lock stile above the door pull, where it is completely concealed. Only persons who have been issued an access card will know that a card reader is inside the door, and its internal placement protects it from weather and tampering.
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Fire alarm control panel

Silent Knight

IntelliKnight 5808 Fire Alarm Control Panel offers built-in digital communication that allows reporting of all system activity to a remote monitoring location. It supports up to 127 addressable devices that allow the user to pinpoint which device has been activated and/or needs attention. It also uses drift compensation, maintenance alert and a distributed power scheme to simplify installation and reduce wiring requirements.
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Healthy food options

Horizon Software

Healthy Vending is an option for replacing junk food in schools with healthier choices. It is capable of serving reimbursable meals and/or a la carte from the same machine. It also can identify students making purchases and track what items each child is buying. Parents can log onto their child's account and view what their child has purchased on a specific day.
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Maintenance management


MaintenanceEdge is a suite of online tools for efficient education facility maintenance management. Designed to streamline facility maintenance processes, it is a scaleable, four-module, browser-based solution that can be accessed anywhere at any time. It enables education facility managers to automate building maintenance processes, reducing administrative costs, shortening service response time and creating an integrated solution with real-time data and critical alarm monitoring of an entire building-management system.
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Bentley Prince Street

Even Keel is a new broadloom carpet inspired by rustic Americana where the simplicity of folk art is reflected. The color line reflects the organic, rich hues seen in nature by the first American artisans with 12 colorways from natural corn, to forest green, to the red of fall leaves. It is available certified to the new environmental industry standard as Scientific Certification Systems' (SCS) Sustainable Choice Gold/Environmentally Preferable Product under the Sustainable Carpet Assessment Draft Standard, NSF-140.
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Office solutions

Hewlett-Packard Company

HP Campus Advantage applications deliver a powerful suite of services from mobile printing and user-based, per-page accounting to the consolidation of copying, scanning, imaging and printing devices in a secure, networked environment. Education institutions can reduce costs and waste with more precise student and department allocations, and simplify the user experience and access.
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Emergency communications

OneCall Now

Any university, college or K-12 school or school district in America can use the OneCall Now emergency communications system at no cost to reach every student, parent and staff member in case of an urgent situation. The free service includes setup and training, and allows any education institution to upload its contacts to the system's secure servers. It permits two emergency calls per year to the school's entire contact list from any phone.
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Plumbing installation


The Faucet and Sink Installer is a multipurpose under-sink plumbing tool. It fastens and removes plastic basin nuts, supply line nuts, hex nuts and shutoff valves, and secures sink strainer baskets. The basic wrench is used to reach and turn plastic mounting nuts on faucets, sprayers and ball cocks. An open slot down the center of the wrench allows it to be used over water supply lines so mounting nuts can be tightened or removed without disconnecting existing supply lines.
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Network security

Software-as-a-service model helps college control costs and improve network intrusion protection

Alert Logic

Columbia College, Columbia, Mo., is a 32-campus institution with two highly distributed networks: one for its employee base of 1,100 and the other for its large student body. The college replaced its previous network security system with Alert Logic's on-demand network intrusion protection model.

“My analysis showed that ‘software as a service’ would be beneficial for our college,” says Jason Youngquist, network security analyst. “Alert Logic's on-demand model addressed our goal to avoid the upfront cost of software and hardware that otherwise would be needed for intrusion defense and vulnerability scanning.”

The software-as-a-service platform delivers solutions on-demand, featuring rapid deployment, zero maintenance, and no hardware or software costs. As a result, the college can defend against intrusions and worms, continuously discover and correct network vulnerabilities, and help ensure compliance with policies and regulations.

The Threat Manager solution provides a subscription service that gives the college advanced vulnerability assessment and network protection from threats on the interior of the network and is backed by constant monitoring from certified security experts.

The cost savings from the switch in network security providers has enabled the college to add an additional layer of network security, and receive both vulnerability assessment and intrusion-protection solutions.
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Hot water

On-demand, tankless water heater saves on monthly gas bill by heating water as needed


College View School, Glendale, Calif., serves more than 200 students with physical and cognitive challenges from pre-kindergarten to post-high school. After having many service and maintenance issues with its two 100-gallon tank water heaters because of leaking and other control problems, the school decided to upgrade its hot-water system.

The school removed the boiler/furnace system and replaced it with four tankless water heaters. These highly energy-efficient, on-demand heaters heat only water when hot water is being used. They require little or no maintenance and use less gas, which saves the school about $1,100 per year.

The system also allows the school to customize its hot-water needs. It can automatically shut down its power at 5 p.m. every night so it can conserve energy without worrying about not getting hot water the next morning. The tankless water heaters provide hot water to the school's five classroom kitchen sinks, five classroom kitchen dishwashers, two sinks in the main commercial kitchen, one commercial dishwasher, 47 bathroom sinks, 11 showers and one washing machine.

The heaters have been installed in at least 13 other schools throughout Glendale Unified School District.
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Classroom transformation

Redesigned lecture hall becomes one of the most technically advanced on campus

Sound Engineering/Biamp

The College of Nursing at Wayne State University, Detroit, revamped one of its key lecture halls, Cohn Auditorium. The 27-foot by 70-foot rectangle-shaped room seats 85 people.

The room originally was set up to accommodate seating in a lengthwise manner. Sound Engineering and Integrated Design Solutions developed a design that called for the layout to be rotated 90 degrees. This resulted in a number of benefits: students were brought closer to the instructor; additional wall space was made available for the installation of two large video screens; complete audio and video coverage was provided; the instructor's display and presentation capabilities were enhanced; and tools for remote interactions such as videoconferencing, audioconferencing and webcasting were added.

The lecture hall's atypical ceiling heights and layout posed some acoustic challenges. To compensate for this, the AV system was designed with 12 Electro Voice C42 ceiling-mounted speakers in mix/minus mode. The strategic positioning of these speakers in the hall ensures even coverage throughout the room without any distracting delays. Although tricky for setting up proper acoustic coverage, the ceiling height did allow 10 Audio Technica ES945 ceiling microphones to be mounted so that any student can contribute in conferencing situations.
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Water and air quality

Dual controller manages PPM and ORP for high school pool

Siemens Water Technologies

Zionsville Community High School, Zionsville, Ind., installed a controller for each of its two indoor swimming pools. The controllers could not adequately regulate the parts per million (PPM) and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) levels in the pools, which were thrown off balance by a newly installed UV system and bather loads. Misaligned PPM/ORP levels resulted in increased maintenance time, greater wear and tear on equipment, higher chemical and labor costs, and more frequent health complaints.

The school needed a dual controller that would monitor and control PPM, ORP, pH, temperature, water level and chemical injection lines simultaneously in both pools. The dual controller also needed to have offsite communication and data-collection capabilities. In addition, it needed to be modular in design for future installations of energy-efficient products such as variable frequency drives.

The school agreed to serve as a test site for a dual controller from Siemens Water Technologies. The Strantrol Impact Aquatic Management System consists of a single controller that simultaneously controls PPM and ORP in both pools, thereby allowing operators to stay within health code limits of PPM, and ensure the health and safety of water by ORP control.

“I can monitor the system from anywhere, make changes as needed and document data,” says John Crist, physical education/health department chair and aquatics director. “We liked the controller so much, we made it permanent.”
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Safe communications

School rids e-mail and website of spam and virus threats


Effective communication at Monte Cassino School, Tulsa, Okla., plays a large role in fostering the relationship of its tightly woven community. Through the school's website, students and parents can access grades, calendar information, class news and assignments. The school also uses e-mail to provide student progress to parents, and to connect parents with teachers and school administrators. Along with their teachers, students have access to laptop computers.

To help ensure a safe educational environment where the school's community can participate actively in each student's education, the school needed to make sure that offensive and improper content did not reach school in-boxes and that the school's network was protected from online threats. E-mail is integral to a successful learning environment at Monte Cassino, and the school cannot risk being susceptible to vulnerabilities. A virus or other unwanted online threats could bring down the entire system, resulting in decreased productivity and high remediation costs.

Symantec's Hosted Mail Security, which features antispam and antivirus technologies, has assisted the school in reducing the amount of unwanted e-mail teachers must open, and has kept the school virus free for three years. The time saved dealing with unwanted e-mail has saved the school about $16,000 per year in time and funding.
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