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Sept. 1, 2007
New Products/Case Studies

Green products

Chicago Faucets

A new six-page brochure features components and fixtures designed to assist in maximizing water conservation and reducing costs. Selecting water- and energy-saving products as new or replacement fittings can help earn green building rating points toward a facility's LEED certification. Products include electronic faucets, metering faucets, pedal boxes and pre-rinse fittings, as well as a variety of outlets, flow control devices and cartridges.
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Floor polish


DiamondQuest polishes cement floors using diamond sandpaper. The result is a shiny-smooth floor surface resembling polished marble. The surface salvages existing concrete, is a low-emitting material and is almost maintenance-free, eliminating the need for harsh cleaners and making it an affordable, sustainable product.
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Roof surfacing system


The Rock-It Surfacing System gives schools a gravel surfacing option that earns ENERGY STAR qualification and meets the requirements of the revised California Title 24 energy-efficiency standards, helping reduce annual energy costs for facilities. The surfacing system is for new roofs and can restore the waterproofing integrity of existing roofs, extending their service life without the cost and disruption of roof replacement.
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Blast mitigation tool

CINTEC America

The Blastec Isolator Bin is a tool that can be deployed easily and rapidly to provide temporary blast mitigation and fragment retention. It can be inflated in any location where suspect objects may be. It is made from an internally reinforced fabric and is designed to be deployed manually or robotically using appropriate bomb-disposal equipment. The unit is open at the top and bottom to facilitate deployment and access to the suspect object if required.
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Carpet design

Milliken Carpet

STIMULUS combines Milliken's Millitron Digital Color Placement capabilities with a precisely engineered overlay of random pattern elements. It extends the concept of pattern beyond the boundaries of a single carpet tile. The carpet is made of Millken WearOn nylon type 6,6 with PVC-free cushion backing that enhances ergonomics, acoustics and long-term wear.
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Recycling station

Rubbermaid Commercial Products

The Glutton Recycling Station can separate up to four waste streams for more efficient recycling. It offers the convenience of one centralized location with an all-in-one solution that encourages compliance. Any combination of four snap-in tops with various item-specific openings can be used to sort different types of recyclable waste. A symbol and word label pack also is provided with each station.
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HVAC maintenance

UVC germicidal light kills mold on coil surfaces, leaving them clean and maintenance-free

Steril-Aire, Inc.

While serving as senior construction project manager at a K-12 school district in Los Angeles County, Kenneth Gilleland, PE, needed to find a way to reduce HVAC operational and maintenance costs. It took about six hours per air handler to perform annual coil cleaning, plus the cost of cleaning chemicals required for the job and the foot wear-and-tear on the roof membrane. In addition, many of the HVAC systems operated at Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) values of 7 to 10.

By installing UVC Emitters from Steril-Aire, Inc. in the rooftop and split systems, the district found an effective way to address this challenge.

“UVC germicidal light kills mold and organic buildup on the evaporator coil surfaces, while maintaining or returning the coils to constantly clean condition,” says Gilleland. “The UVC devices are virtually maintenance-free, except for the annual light tube changeout recommended by the manufacturer. This takes only a few minutes per air handler — much faster than chemical washing — potentially saving thousands of hours in labor that can be applied to other tasks. In addition, maintenance crews are no longer exposed to harmful cleaning chemicals.”
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