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Feb. 1, 2005
New products and case studies

Straight watertube boiler


Miura boilers draw water as required, eliminating the need for a pump to circulate water. Since they do not have coiled watertubes, there are no costly coils to replace. The straight watertube boilers only have a few moving parts — the damper motor, blower and some valves — further reducing maintenance and repairs. Also, the blowers don't require constant cleaning. Electronic controls maintain water quality to keep boilers running reliably.
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Textile line


The Xorel line of fabrics has been revamped with a new range of patterns and colors. “Dash” is a softly reflective pattern with complex color mixtures in new colored neutrals. “Laser” and “Flashback” have bright day-glo hues, just as “Quarry,” “Mesh,” “Flux,” and “Prism” offer abundant texture. “Tweed,” “Rattan,” “Reef” and “Strata” round out the new offerings with a handwoven, yet industrial look.
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Emergency lighting

HighLites, Inc.

HL Series is a family of self-contained, automatic, “wall-hugging” emergency lighting units that provide adjustable or fixed lens, glareless light distribution when line voltage is interrupted. An internal solid-state transfer switch automatically connects the battery to the HL's dual lamp heads whenever utility power fails. Upon restoration of normal power sources, the battery disconnects from the load and becomes fully recharged within 12 hours.
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Residence-hall furniture


Sustain Residence Hall Furniture is designed to endure the wear and tear of residence-hall life, while being environmentally sustainable. It features a similar appearance, strength and hardness to that of oak, yet is crafted from the plantation-grown renewable rubber tree. The furniture features solid hardwood construction, integrated drawer pulls with replaceable drawer fronts, 100-pound steel ball-bearing drawer slides, and joinery found in old-world craftsmanship.
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Door closer

Norton Door Controls

The CloserPlus Spring door protection closer arm is a heavy-duty arm that features a steel spring, which slows the door prior its stopping completely. Existing CloserPlus arms can be retrofit upgraded by simply adding the compression spring assembly kit, which is ordered separately. The CloserPlus Spring arm adds greater protection than the standard CloserPlus arm at the end of the door-opening cycle.
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Fire-alarm monitoring


SmartView is a computer graphics interface package for use with Gamewell's 600 Series of addressable fire-alarm control panels. It presents information through a graphical menu system and color display while operating over a high-speed Ethernet LAN/WAN or single-user network. Each alarm, trouble or supervisory event is displayed on a convenient color-coded display or with a floor plan pinpointing the exact alarm location and point-specific information.
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Synthetic sports flooring

Action Floor Systems, LLC.

A four-page brochure featuring Herculan, a new line of polyurethane synthetic sports floors, is available. Herculan is a high-performance, monolithic, non-porous multipurpose floor that is durable and wear-resistant. It is available in a range of thicknesses and colors. The brochure also explains the benefits of Action ReFlex, a durable, high-impact, recycled rubber floor that is spike-resistant and ideal for weight and fitness rooms.
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Projector controller

SP Controls

The Pixie is an IR-only video projector controller. It fits standard single-gang boxes. End users provide the Leviton Decora wall plate of their choice. A built-in IR learner captures codes selected by the end user. Out of six pushbutton modules that come with the Pixie, the customer selects three that match the functions found on the handheld remote. When installing multiple identical rooms, the Pixie can be “taught” certain functions and can clone its settings to another Pixie in seconds.
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Controlling heat

Spectrally selective window film reduces overheating in university buildings

V-Kool, Inc.

Several of the 200 buildings on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus were known to overheat, causing discomfort for students and staff. This was a problem, especially through south- and west-facing glass, says Moe Tabrizi, the university's campus resource energy conservation officer.

To rectify the problem, among various energy system efficiency upgrades, university facility-management administrators explored applied-window-film options.

“Of major concern was the necessity that applied film be transparent and colorless so as not to change the appearance of our buildings,” says Tabrizi.

The university selected V-Kool 40, which blocks 65 percent of solar heat while transmitting 42.8 percent of visible light. While other V-Kool films transmit even greater amounts of visible light, the university decided on V-Kool 40 for its visible light transmission and its heat-blocking performance.

The colorless transparency and low reflectance permitted its installation on selective windows in buildings where overheating was a localized problem. Because it is transparent and has low reflectance, its application on selective windows does not change the appearance of a building.

Within the past eight months, more than 8,800 square feet of V-Kool 40 have been installed on portions of the south, west and east facades of six major campus buildings, including the School of Law and the law library.

The reaction to the installation has been positive. “In buildings with air-conditioning, we have reduced the cooling load, and in buildings with no air, occupants have noted a reduction in temperature,” says Tabrizi.
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Cutting back

Waste reduction in restrooms helps school district save time and money

Excel Dryer Inc.

Situated north of Chicago, Niles Township School District 219 serves more than 4,800 students. Administrators recently re-evaluated expenditures in a number of facility-related areas in two of the district's high schools.

“Our student restrooms had both paper towels and traditional hand dryers, but we were constantly dealing with vandalism, blocked toilets and more, which translated into an extra four hours of cleanup every night,” says Joe Tomaselli, Aramark director of operations for the district. “That was costing us an extra $16,500 per year in restroom maintenance.”

The schools were spending an estimated $38,700 per year on paper towels, not including the costs associated with running hand dryers for 30 seconds per use. After researching alternatives for source reduction, the district decided to install high-velocity XLERATOR hand dryers in the restrooms.

“In terms of energy savings, these dryers draw an average of 1,500 watts per use, compared with the traditional 2,300 watts,” says Tomaselli. “Plus, they dry hands three times faster than traditional dryers and shut off two seconds after the hands are removed from the sensor area.”

Annually, this translates into an electrical consumption savings of $52 per unit, or for 80 units, $4,160 per year in savings. The dryers delivered a return on investment in just one year.
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Eliminating mold

Desiccant dehumidification resolves school mold issues


Memorial High School, Pharr, Texas, had been open less than three years when toxic mold growth reached a crisis stage. The poor indoor air quality was caused by high ventilation and people loads in classrooms, high intermittent ventilation loads and carryover from showers in gyms and locker rooms, and long periods when the building was vacant. Ventilation and infiltration had brought in so much hot, humid outside air, that the building had reached 90 percent humidity. Mold proliferated.

“We had a lot of complaints from teachers, staff and students,” says Arturo Guajardo, the district's superintendent. “Some staff and students were becoming ill.”

Assured Indoor Air Quality Inc. (Dallas) brought in Munters temporary desiccant dryers to supply dry air to the building. While the mold was removed and materials replaced, the company designed a permanent system using Munters desiccant dehumidifiers to condition outside air and pressurize the building to keep humid air from being drawn inside.

The school had used conventional refrigeration-based ventilating systems, which were operated to meet set point 12 hours a day, five days a week. During nights and weekends, the humidity rose, and the building absorbed moisture. When the equipment was turned back on, it required significant energy to dry the building. Munters dehumidifiers controlled humidity at all times, keeping the building dry and reducing the total building energy costs.

Over a three-month period, the desiccant dehumidification system dried the building. Today, the school is kept at 45 percent relative humidity, and the building is mold-free. The school's hourly operating costs have decreased 50 percent.
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