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April 1, 2005
New Products/Case Studies

Site control

Remote site monitors protect facilities that house sensitive equipment

Omnitronix, Inc.

Chartered in 1746, Princeton University, N.J., was the fourth college established in colonial America. Yet, like most schools and universities today, it experiences a 21st-century need to protect the facilities that house expensive equipment, and sensitive intellectual property and data.

“The threats we encounter are mostly heat and humidity,” says Chris Tengi, systems and network administrator at Princeton University's department of computer science, “although we are certainly concerned about unauthorized entry or human actions that can compromise our systems.”

The facilities that Tengi supports include the department's main computer room and labs that house workstations, PCs, and other resources for Princeton's undergraduate and graduate students in computer science.

To protect these areas, Tengi acquired three SNMP-Link Model SL61 Remote Site Managers made by Omnitronix. The Remote Site Monitor keeps tabs on power supplies and communications/networking components — as well as the physical conditions that affect the health of such equipment — and then provides the network interface and intelligence required to get these devices into the control of the network.

“We used the even sensors to send SNMP traps so that if they detected high humidity or temperatures that are too high or too low, the corresponding trap will generate an e-mail message to our pagers,” says Tengi.

Tengi says that accidental environmental problems resulting from human intervention now are handled reliably by the event sensor system. For example, in some of the computer lab facilities, the air-conditioning thermostats are accessible by occupants.

“If they raise the thermostat too much to warm the room, it could get too hot for the equipment,” says Tengi. “But now the sensors will detect the temperature rise at whatever threshold we have set, and we can make corrections before the equipment is affected.”
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Automated timekeeping

Unitime Systems, Inc.

The Points Manager feature for the Automated Timekeeping System helps organizations reduce absenteeism and increase productivity by rewarding appropriate conduct. It automatically records infractions such as unexcused absences, tardiness and long work breaks, and assigns “demerit values” to them.
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Peroxide concentrate

Essential Industries

Peroxide Concentrate (#519) is a hard-working detergent concentrate that uses the stain-removing power of hydrogen peroxide, combined with a heavy-duty soil-removing surfactant blend, to deep clean almost any surface. It can be used on carpet, grout, fabrics, upholstery, ceramic tile, countertops, appliances and other water-safe surfaces to de-stain, clean and degrease.
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Tabletop lectern

Anchor Audio

The self-contained Ensign Pro portable tabletop lectern with sound system delivers 110 dB of intelligible speech or music, indoor or outdoor, for audiences of up to 400. The system guarantees loud, clear speech projection with an active distortion limiter. An internal dynamic equalizer provides clean voice projection and smooth frequency response.
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Touchless soap dispenser

World Dryer

Designed without knobs, handles or buttons to push, the Touchless Soap Dispenser reduces the risk of re-contamination. It uses a reflective infrared system to reliably and conveniently dispense 1.5 cc of liquid soap or sanitizing liquid from a tamperproof, see-through plastic compartment. It is activated when hands enter an invisible sensor field under the dispenser.
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Battery charger


The impres (Intelligent Motorola Portable Radio Energy System) Smart Energy System is a series of replacement batteries and chargers for Motorola two-way radios. The system now is available for the HT Professional series radios as well as the XTS3000, XTS5000, Saber, MTS2000 and HT1000 radios. It includes a rapid charger, a conditioning charger and a reconditioner all in one.
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Restroom products


Solid plastic EverTuff toilet partitions and TuffTec lockers are non-absorbent and are stain-, odor- and mildew-resistant, and almost maintenance-free. They are rugged and rustproof, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. The products are available in various colors and styles, and are backed by a 15-year warranty.
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Durable seating

BioFit Engineered Products

Chairs in the Val-U-Line series feature a steel frame and seat, and backrest of tough polypropylene. The chairs have a five-year warranty. Stackable and height-adjustable chairs are available in the Val-U-Line series. The three models of stackable chairs provide versatile seating for classrooms, auditoriums, faculty break rooms, meeting rooms and cafeterias. The adjustable chair, which has a seat-height range from 17 inches to 22 inches, is a functional seating choice for computer labs or workstations in school offices.
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Simplifying lunchtime

Fingerprint ID technology confronts the challenges of food service in schools

Food Service Solutions

The Penn Cambria and Wilson School Districts, Pa., have adopted fingerprint scanning and identification systems to handle a host of problems from slow lunch lines, lost lunch money, cumbersome payment, lunch fraud and bullying, to falling National School Lunch Program (NSLP) participation.

With a fingerprint ID system in the cafeteria, students simply place a forefinger on a small fingerprint reader by the register. In seconds, the system translates the electronic print into a mathematical algorithm, discards the fingerprint image, and matches the numerical output to the student's meal-account information. The software by Food Service Solutions plots 27 points on a grid that correspond with the fingerprint's ridges to achieve a positive identification.

Fingerprinting is voluntary and done typically when the student enters the school system along with enrollment paperwork. Kids are fingerprinted just once, and the mathematical algorithm produced stays with them until they graduate. Those declining fingerprint IDs can use cash or other methods.

This fingerprint technology is an alternative to magnetic-striped cards, using cash or lunch tickets, which can be lost, stolen, destroyed or misused.

Teachers also are finding that by eliminating the daily handling of lunch money or tickets, especially in kindergarten or elementary classrooms, they can free up time for added instruction. Because parents can set up a lunch account linked to a biometric system for their child's use, they can not only be sure their child has enough money for lunch each day, but also can monitor what they are buying.
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Secure storage

The Steel Trust Company

Steel It! is an 18-gauge, cold-rolled steel, tamperproof security enclosure with a powder coat-textured finish that keeps students' belongings in residence-hall rooms safe and secure. The device is secured by bolting it into a closet. Steel It! is a practical response to the overall issue of theft on campus and, in particular, to the current trend toward more open-space access in residence-hall areas where the resulting increase in visitor traffic poses an added security risk.
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Locker latching system

Lyon Workspace Products

The patent-pending locker latching system uses nano (miniature) roller technology to provide up to 10 times the resistance to break-ins compared with existing locker latching systems. In this case, resistance is measured as the pounds of force required to pull a locker door open in a variety of laboratory tests simulating real life. The actual nano roller is made of powdered metal for resistance to wear. A new nylon lockbar guide ensures proper lockbar alignment for smooth operation, while reducing overall noise.
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Task chair

La-Z-Boy Contract Furniture Group

The new task chair, called Buddy, is a functional and versatile chair built for comfort. This fully upholstered chair moves seamlessly from the office to conferencing applications. The Buddy chair features fixed arms that can be removed easily, and a contoured pillow back scaled between a standard mid-back and high-back task chair. It has an ample-sized waterfall edge to maximize comfort.
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Video inspection system

Ridge Tool Company

The redesigned Compact SeeSnake Plus video inspection system features an improved in-line transmitter and improved camera head that provides more durability, better maneuverability and is easier to locate inside lines. The new camera has 100 percent stainless-steel construction for longer camera life, a thicker light shield for better wear resistance and 400 lines of resolution for better viewing. The system weighs 20 pounds for easy transporting and storage.
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Multimedia workstation

Sound-Craft Systems, Inc.

The Educator WSV-40 multimedia workstation features a large flat work surface covered in wear-resistant Nevamar plastic laminate and supports the use of either CRT or LDC monitors, as well as laptop computers. A pullout keyboard shelf is standard, as is a locking accessory drawer to keep presentation supplies at hand. Locking euro-hinged doors provide security for the two equipment bays. A spacious folding document camera shelf folds down easily during transport or when not in use.
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Protecting historical treasures

Roof insulation helps preserve artifacts in special collections library

Atlas Roofing

The original papers of Thomas Jefferson, rare books and maps illuminating the birth of a nation are preserved at the Mary and David Harrison Institute for American History, Literature and Culture and the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville.

This $26 million building has 60,000 square feet of underground space that conserves land and protects the artifacts at 63 degrees and 33 percent relative humidity. The collection is insured for $300 million.

Double walls, service drains and water alarms were installed around the building. In addition, a 36-inch-thick concrete slab was poured under the collection. The above-ground, 11,000-square-foot institute contains rooms for viewing the collection, and has a brick neoclassical exterior reflecting the Jeffersonian campus.

The originally specified metal roof deck could have exposed the interior to moisture. Instead, the Nail Base roof insulation, which delivers a 25.6 R-value at 4.5-inch thickness, was used and plays a major role in protecting the collection. The Nail Base insulation panels are composed of a layer of ACFoam polyiso insulation bonded to 7/16-inch APA/TECO-rated OSB on the topside and a felt facer on the bottom.

The roof also features copper-trimmed dormers, flat-locked and soldered lead-coated copper by Hussey, and copper snow guards by Berger Brothers on the 6/12 pitch roof portions.
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HVAC education


The “Filtering out Confusion” series is a collection of educational pamphlets designed to help HVAC and facilities-management professionals better understand how to select and maintain their HVAC filtration systems. The free pamphlets explain the pros and cons of various filter media technology and how to monitor an HVAC filter. Future brochures will focus on how to reduce energy costs and how to reduce the threat of mold growth in the HVAC filtration system.
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Notification appliance

Wheelock, Inc. Series NS/HS4 Horn Strobes and NH Horn Appliances feature low current, two selectable tones, continuous and temporal Code 3 and dB levels (90 or 95 dB) and a patented universal mounting plate. The strobes are available with 15, 15/75, 30, 75 and 110 cd strobe intensities and 1575 cd. Synchronization can be achieved with the SM or DSM Sync Modules or Wheelock's PS-12/24 8-MP or CP Power Supplies with built-in sync protocol. The NS/NH are also patented 24V two-wire appliances, while the HS4 is a 24V four-wire model.
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