School Security Product Solutions

Sept. 1, 2005
School Security New Products/Case Studies

Audio evacuation

Fire-Lite Alarms/Honeywell

The newly distributed audio and zone splitter panels expand on the features and benefits of the ACC-25/50 and ACC-25/50ZS. The enhanced ACC-25/50DA audio panel increases the available wattage of the life-safety system to more than 1,500 watts of crystal-clear digital audio power, and the ACC-25/50ZS zone-splitter panel increases the zone-splitter capability up to a total of 24 separate audio circuits. The ACC25/50 Series provides up to five customizable messages. The system also features manual paging to allow first responders to provide precise evacuation directions to occupants.
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Safety lighting

Acrilex, Inc.

Designed to provide illumination without a backup power source during the loss of electricity, Acriglo is charged completely by the luminosity emitted during the normal operation of a light. The new standard lens-evaluation program makes available samples from one to 15 lenses (three lenses equals one sheet). The glow emitted from a fixture with Acriglo lasts several hours, while providing a lighting capacity equivalent to that of moonlight. It can be charged and discharged indefinitely, without any degradation to the performance of the acrylic.
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Telephone zone controller

Wheelock Inc.

The SP4-TZC Telephone Zone Controller allows users to control selectable paging and background music on the SAFEPATH4, which offers these capabilities as well as voice evacuation and general paging in one system. The telephone zone controller also provides the ability to access individual or multiple speaker zones throughout the SP40/2 system via the telephone.
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Identity protection


The DESFire encoding option for the card printer/encoder is a secure, contactless smart-card technology based on the MIFARE platform. It allows high-speed, triple-Data Encryption Standard (3DES) RF encryption between the contactless card and the reader. Beginning with the HDP600 Card Printer/Encoder, the DESFire encoding option will be available with the full range of Fargo's High Definition Printing and Direct-to-Card product lines.
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Blast window retention

CINTEC America

The Blast Window Reten2tion Anchor System provides maximum resistance to explosions. After a structure is inspected, it is modeled and evaluated to determine the best reinforcement pattern. At the site, the system is inserted into the masonry and connected to the frames. A specially developed, non-polymer, cementitious grout then is injected into the sleeve under low pressure. The grout fuses with the mesh, expands and shapes itself around the steel to fit the space.
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Fire sprinkler


The Microtech residential horizontal sidewall sprinkler (VK452) enables a cost-effective installation. By eliminating the use of a traditional deflector, the sprinkler's design delivers a smaller, less-noticeable appearance when installed. Available with surface-mounted and recessed escutcheons, the sprinkler is cULus-listed for 12-foot by 12-foot to 16-foot by 16-foot rooms with the deflector 4 inches to 12 inches below the ceiling. It is offered in brass, chrome, black and white standard finishes.
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Simplifying access control

Magnetic card lock system provides reliable, flexible security solution


Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, spans five city blocks, with 27 buildings and thousands of rooms. The need for space is growing rapidly. Three new facilities have been built in the past five years, and two more are scheduled for completion by 2009. Also, because the hospital is affiliated with the university, faculty and staff also need access.

To help meet the hospital's complex security needs, it uses Kaba Access Controls' Solitaire 950 Series magnetic card lock system. Employees are given an ID badge that provides access to the doors they need to enter, and the system supports the university ID badge. For contractors and others who need access for only short amounts of time, temporary badges that are terminated automatically on a specific date are used.

Hard-wired technology secures the external entries. The magnetic card lock system is designed to work with ABA standard badge IDs, so it accepts all of the existing ID cards and interacts seamlessly with the hard-wired system. The Solitaire 950 is a standalone lock that requires no wiring. Installation is easy, and programming takes only a few seconds. Every access attempt is recorded with the user ID and a date/time stamp. In the event of a problem, a quick download tells who entered the area and when.

The growth of the hospital creates even more security challenges. Access needs change as new buildings are added and existing buildings adapt to new changes. The management software is designed to work under a client server-based network architecture system using SQL. When a user's access needs change, he or she updates the main database on a laptop computer, carries it to the affected locks and uploads the change — without complicated programming or managing multiple files.
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Integrating building systems

School district manages security and facility controls from a single, web-based system

Bosch Security Systems

New Albany-Floyd Consolidated Schools, Floyd County, Ind., is on a five-year, phase-in plan to incorporate Bosch Security Systems' Building Integration System (BIS) throughout the district. The system will improve security, integrate all facility controls and improve efficiency for 20 education and administration buildings. So far, 10 buildings have had the integrated system installed.

The first capabilities to be added include identification badges for district faculty and staff, and access tokens.

“It saves so much time,” says Tom Handy, energy management and electronic security manager for the district. “Sitting at the computer, I can create badges and set up access tokens for any of the schools, or zones with buildings, without driving to each of the buildings. It takes me less than five minutes.”

If a teacher were to transfer from one elementary school to another, the system could be scheduled to deactivate the access token at the first school on an appointed date and reactivate the same token for the second school at the same time. Changes occur as scheduled or immediately if required, so both buildings remain secure, and no one is searching for keys for either building. If a token is lost, it can be cancelled, and a replacement can be sent easily. The zoning feature allows the school to grant access to specific people for only certain times and places, while restricting other areas.

The multifaceted system provides a single, Web-based point of control for managing all the critical functions that keep the district running smoothly: integrated electronic security systems, plus important information-technology components such as a comprehensive database of students, faculty and staff. In addition, physical-plant controls such as heating, ventilation, lighting and air conditioning are managed from the same computer interface just as easily.
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Safe loans

Software allows university to track laptop loans and protect inventory from theft

Absolute Software

Boise State University, Boise, Idaho, is a metropolitan research university with more than 18,000 students, and 2,000 faculty and staff. It began a laptop computer loaner program as part of a mandate to advance the technological access of its student body.

The program allowed students to sign out laptop computers to write papers, complete assignments and browse the Internet over a wireless network in the university's student union building. After a successful launch, the program increased the number of laptops available.

Keeping an accurate record of each laptop and enforcing return dates proved difficult for a small staff. It also was challenging to inspect each returned laptop for illegally downloaded programs and objectionable content. On top of this, more laptops were being lost and stolen.

To protect its laptops and ensure the vitality of the program, the university purchased ComputranceComplete from Absolute Software. The software provides users with computer theft recovery and secure asset tracking. Installing the product on loaner laptops allowed the program staff to view up-to-the-minute reports on each computer's activity. This also enabled staff members to set up e-mail alerts if a computer was not returned on time, or if unauthorized software had been installed. Missing or stolen laptops could be reported to Absolute Software's monitoring center, which tracks the IP address of the computer. Once the computer is connected to the Internet, Absolute Software works with law enforcement to track down and recover the laptop.
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