July 2011 Product Solutions

July 1, 2011
Products/case studies from the July 2011 issue.

An Air of creativity

An aesthetic renovation from floor to ceiling fan

Big Ass Fan Company.

A once-forgotten storage unit adjacent to the library at Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, the 10,000-square-foot alcove has been transformed into a vibrant learning environment. Voelker Blackburn Niehoff Architects, Inc. (VBN) preserved the shell of this 1920s structure, but totally repurposed the interior, providing students with an ambience conducive to learning. What resulted was the Noel Studio for Academic Creativity.

After the initial planning stages were completed, VBN designers determined that the wall-mounted conditioning systems would not provide enough air movement to provide comfort to occupants. With a 23-foot-high space, two 8-foot, large-diameter, low-speed fans from the Big Ass Fan Company were installed to circulate the conditioned air.

"We absolutely needed some air movement in the space but we needed something that fit the look and feel of the studio," says Russell Carpenter, the center’s director. "The aluminum on the airfoils looks exactly like the silver supports on the windows so it works well from an aesthetic perspective."

In warmer months, large fans improve personal comfort with an evaporative cooling effect. As a result, facility managers in air-conditioned spaces are able to raise the thermostat without sacrificing comfort, reducing cooling costs by 10 to 15 percent annually.

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Sustainability challenge

Students develop winning sustainability scorecard

Xpedx. The company has selected a winning entry from a nationwide competition among student members of Net Impact to develop a sustainability survey and scorecard for its supply chain. The top entry comes from a team of MBA students at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. xpedx chose the entry over proposals from teams at Marlboro College, Marlboro, Vt., and North Carolina State University, Raleigh.

The jury was impressed by the proposals from each team. Overall, it felt the students from the University of Michigan did the best job of "applying the sustainability survey and scorecard to xpedx’s commitment to maintain sustainable operations, offer sustainable product choices and provide leadership in sustainable business practices across the supply chain."

The scorecard will enable xpedx to verify its suppliers’ sustainability goals and policies. A pilot version of the scorecard will be launched this month and will expand to the rest of its supply chain through early 2012. The supply chain includes the leading manufacturers in the print, packaging and facility solutions industries.

"I commend xpedx for the overall process and approach it used to create the survey," says Millie Chu Baird, one of six judges and managing director, office of chief scientist, Environmental Defense Fund. "As xpedx implements the survey in the market with its new scorecard, it will not only move further toward its sustainability goals, but it will also help bring thousands of suppliers along with it."

The competing student teams worked with xpedx and representatives from xpedx’s supply chain to develop surveys and a scorecard.

The winning team received a cash prize. Later this year, the team will also have the opportunity to present its work to xpedx senior leaders, as well as at the 2011 Net Impact Conference.

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Light management

Skylight makes science complex inviting to students

CPI Daylighting. The sun had gone down on Louisiana State University’s Howe-Russell Geoscience Complex. The atrium skylight’s top sheet of fiberglass was deteriorating, making it structurally suspect. Its panels were discolored, creating a dark cloud over the hall. Students had stopped using the tables and congregating in the atrium.

After researching their options, architect Allen Bacque, MBSB Group, chose CPI’s Quadwall translucent insulated sandwich panel skylight with Pentaglas 10 clear over 8 white matte glazing for its performance, longevity and ability to provide as much light as possible with little heat gain.

"We didn’t want it to feel like you were under a glass roof because of the heat from the sun," says Bacque. "The benefit of the polycarbonate is that it will not yellow over time as the previous skylight did; I know that this time will be much better than what was there before."

The Quadwall skylight’s fast-track construction began in October 2009 and lasted just three weeks. The installation was challenged by lack of access to the indoor atrium because of the building’s continuous operation; potential exposure of the atrium’s dinosaur relic; and the inability to work through the weekends because of LSU football games. Removal of the old skylight and installation of the new skylight was completed exclusively from the roof during the week. Large cranes loaded the new materials onto the roof and, section by section, the old skylight was torn off and replaced with a 3,500-square-foot Quadwall skylight.

Another challenge for the installation was hanging a 400-pound fan from the existing aluminum tube frame at the center of the skylight. Using multi-directional guide wires for reinforcement, today the fan moves air in the space, making the atrium even more inviting for students and staff.

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Clean challenge

Program promotes hand hygiene for schools

GOJO Industries, Inc. The company, makers of PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer, has launched the new K-12 EXTRA CREDIT program to promote hand hygiene and to stretch school budgets. For every 10 cases of GOJO foam hand soap that K-12 schools purchase through July 31, 2012, they earn one free case of PURELL products for use in classrooms, restrooms, cafeterias and athletic facilities.

Early response to the hand hygiene for schools program has been overwhelming; many schools already are enrolled.

"The program is going well," says Boyd Harris, custodial services supervisor for Weber School District, Ogden, Utah. "I am excited to provide our schools with free PURELL products. I am stockpiling the wipes for distribution to all 45 schools next fall at the beginning of school."

The K-12 EXTRA CREDIT program helps school budget dollars work harder during the difficult economy and encourages proper hand hygiene for schools.

For details about the K-12 EXTRA CREDIT hand hygiene for schools program, contact a GOJO distributor or visit the website http://www.GOJO.com/K-12-ExtraCredit.

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Practice lights

Lighting helps gymnastics team practice winning ways

MaxLite. The University of Alabama Gymnastics Practice Gym, the Frances Smith Gymnastics Practice Facility, originally was lighted by 400-watt metal halide lamps. Recently, the lamps were replaced with 200-watt HighMax compact fluorescent lamps.

The fixtures also were replaced with MaxLite’s acrylic fixtures. This immediately netted the university a savings of half its lighting bill.

But, because this was a gymnastics facility, Head Coach Sarah Patterson was interested in the quality of the new light in the gym. In this respect, the HighMaxes with a CRI of 84 were a great improvement on the old lighting. And, the acrylic fixtures added to the cheerful atmosphere in the 12,500-square-foot facility.

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Ergonomic seating

KI. New Torsion Air seating, designed by Giancarlo Piretti, is a fresh interpretation of the classic Torsion chair and combines a breathable mesh that conforms to a user’s back with a patented Torsion flex mechanism. The seating features a lighter visual impression, a breathable mesh back and exceptional comfort. This innovative seating collection enables contemporary adaptations in a variety of environments. The collection includes nesting chairs, task chairs and stack chairs in three styles: four-leg, sled base and cantilevered sled base.

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Digital photosensors

WattStopper. Two powerful daylighting sensors enable engineers, building owners and installers unprecedented options when designing, purchasing and installing daylight-harvesting systems. The LMLS-400 is a single-zone closed loop photosensor that can be installed on a ceiling or in a lighting fixture. The LMLS-500 is a multi-zone open loop photosensor designed to mount on a ceiling or in the light well of a skylight, and control up to three lighting zones. Both digital photosensors include a two-way infrared (IR) transceiver for communication with a wireless configuration tool, and the LMLS-400 features automatic commissioning for either switching or dimming.

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Kitchen make-up air units

Greenheck. The company has enhanced its high-performing make-up air units by providing an option for an integral air-cooled packaged DX cooling system specifically for kitchen applications. The system, available in 100 percent outside-air and variable-volume airflow configurations, is designed to cool the make-up air to a 70 to 75°F supply air temperature to provide additional comfort for the kitchen staff, enhancing employee productivity at an economical first cost. The packaged DX configuration for the DGX, IGX and MSX make-up air units provides single-source responsibility reducing installation costs and control wiring, and is available in cooling capacities ranging from 3 to 16 nominal tons and airflow ranges from 1,000 to 7,500 cfm.

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Tennis court system

Action Floor Systems. Herculan TC Pro indoor/outdoor tennis court systems provide true ball bounce for all playing skills ranging from professional to recreational. Featuring a high- performance, seamless, non-porous surface that is hygienic and easy to clean, Herculan TC Pro systems offer superior wear resistance and easy maintenance. Available in a range of colors, the TC Pro flooring can be quickly and economically resurfaced when required.

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Access-control housing

Chase Security Systems. The company custom-designs products to house access-control devices for unique application requirements. These devices include cameras, card readers, wheelchair-access buttons, intercoms, keypads, emergency call stations and more.

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Ceiling-mount air conditioner

MovinCool. A new CMW30 water-cooled, ceiling-mount air conditioner has been introduced. The CMW30 is designed for server rooms and other applications with dense heat loads, but where a MovinCool air-cooled model cannot be used because of the lack of available space to direct hot exhaust air into. The unit’s large cooling capacity is rated at 29,400 Btu/h total and 22,000 Btu/h sensible for computer rooms. The compact, self-contained CMW30 is only 20 inches high, enabling it to fit above a drop ceiling.

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Flooring donation

ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring. The company recently donated flooring to a non-profit charitable organization that builds fresh water wells and sanitation projects in developing nations. charity: water has enabled access to clean drinking water for 1,048,309 people in 16 countries through 2,321 projects. ECOsurfaces donated 2,500 square feet of ECOstone’s River Rock for the charity’s Manhattan office space.

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Metal ceiling system

Armstrong Ceilings. MetalWorks Capz is a new metal ceiling system especially suited for open plenum and exposed structure spaces that require good acoustics and the durability of metal. The panels are made from aluminum using ExpanTech technology. This new manufacturing advancement produces a honeycomb composite structure that enables larger panel sizes with less weight and 10 times less deflection than standard aluminum panels of the same size, without the use of panel stiffeners.

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Bird-control catalog

Bird-B-Gone, Inc. The new 49-page catalog for 2011 includes a series of innovative products including the "Avian-Plus" Bird Hazing System. The free catalog features more than 100 products to help solve virtually any type of pest bird problem.

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Roofing savings

SIKA SARNAFIL. The company has announced a change in coverage rates for its Sarnacol 2121 adhesive. The change offers significant benefits in material savings, reduced labor costs and excellent adhesion strength, as well as environmental benefits. A change in application method of Sarnacol 2121 has improved coverage rates by up to 50 percent, meaning significant material cost savings in adhered roofing systems. Other benefits include an improved environmental profile vs. solvent-based adhesives, through reduced volatile organic compounds that enable the adhesive to meet strict air emissions standards across the country.

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Acoustical shell

Wenger Corporation. The company now offers the choice of three Legacy models—Basic, Classic and Select—to better suit different applications, aesthetics and budgets. To easily raise and lower the shell, the Basic and Classic models feature a simplified hand-crank lift mechanism. These two models are intended for small auditoriums, gymnasiums, cafetoriums and recital halls, and are available with adjustable tower height and canopy angle to better suit music groups of various sizes. The Classic model’s larger height provides about 15 percent more reflective surface coverage than the Basic model. The Classic model is offered in four solid colors; the Basic model is available in Oyster finish. The Select model is intended for onstage use with an overhead ceiling system in a small auditorium or recital hall.

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Bagless upright

Sanitaire. The new SC5745A single-motor, bagless upright vacuum has been added to the company’s line of Quiet Clean vacuums. The SC5745A bagless model features insightful design elements including a slighter frame for easy handling and a smaller, 13-inch cleaning path for maneuvering in tight areas. The vacuum’s bagless design also offers additional savings by eliminating the need for disposable dust bags. Most models in the Quiet Clean line feature washable filters to cut costs and help maintain a cleaner environment.

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Bamboo flooring

Amtico International. The striking linear design of Engineered Bamboo is softened with warm tones, creating the perfect combination of style and functionality. Part of Spacia’s redesigned product line, Engineered Bamboo has nearly 50 new products. The resilient floor features a tick wood grain finish, urethane coating and bevelled edges in 4-inch by 36-inch and 7.25 inch by 48-inch planks with optional feature stripping. The low-VOC flooring is FloorScore-certified and includes a backing of 100 percent recycled material.

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Wall rail solution

National Office Furniture. The Exhibit Wall Rail Solution transforms walls into purposeful design elements by offering a variety of solutions for workplace, collaborative and social spaces. It makes efficient use of wall space with various inserts, such as slat walls and work tools, magnetic markerboards and tack boards, while hanging worksurfaces and overhead cabinets from the rails. Utilizing the wall for the "heavy lifting" vs. traditional chassis to support these elements, Exhibit creates a lighter, airier aesthetic while providing easy access to electrical and data.

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,h2>Geometric flooring

Tandus Flooring. Jhane Barnes brings together digital geometrics to produce the dithered checks of Prism for this new flooring. The result is a graphic that looks different in macro vs. micro perspectives, with the subtle wave pattern emerging on larger floor planes. Made of 100 percent Dynex nylon, Prism is available in 12 colors and coordinates with other Tandus Flooring patterns.

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Whiteboard website

EverWhite. The new website, www.everwhiteboards.com, includes a secure and user-friendly online store, free sample request forms, savings calculators and various resources for architects. The secure shopping area integrates easy-to-use menus of options with instantly updated product images. Shoppers can easily customize framing, surface, size and colors, among other board features, to create their ideal board. Price-comparison charts also enable shoppers to evaluate savings at different quantity levels.

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