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Indoor air quality


Precedent rooftop units offer hot gas reheat and direct digital controls, and achieve 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) energy efficiency standards. The hot gas reheat feature is designed to reduce humidity and moisture-based contaminant growth, and improve indoor air quality by using native energy from the rooftop unit. The direct digital controls coordinate cooling and heating functions, and hot gas reheat during dehumidification cycles.
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Roofing system


Reducing overall air conditioning demands by 10 to 15 percent, Flex Cool Roof Systems provide significant energy savings. Flex White Membranes are shown to reflect up to 50 percent in hot climates and 30 percent in moderate climates. These White Roof Membranes meet or exceed the requirements to qualify for credits under the LEED rating system. Flex's Elvaloy-based Roofing Membranes are unique in that they are unharmed by harsh chemicals.
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Wiring device


Wire lead receptacles are ideal for electrical contractors working on time-sensitive installations. They spare time and costs by eliminating the need to strip wires or tighten terminals with every installation. Because the receptacles are equipped with permanently attached wire leads at the factory, the leads can't work loose from the terminal. The new models feature a heavy-gauge, locked-in, wrap-around strap, dual-drive pins, and a die-cast center bushing.
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The perfect blend

High school uses structural glazed tile and masonry to tie old and new spaces together

Ceramic Glazed Masonry Institute

Increasing enrollment levels required Township High School District 211 in the northwest suburbs of Chicago to face a much-needed expansion and renovation at Palatine High School. The phased construction project included a 48,000-square-foot addition and a 13,000-square-foot renovation of existing space.

This project integrated the new structure with the old, using a school-spirited color theme to tie the facility together. Structural glazed tile is a primary material on the interior, and the same colors accent the building's exterior. The floor plan layout resolves horizontal circulation issues on all three floors by connecting academic wings that had been separated. The monumental ceramic glazed masonry stair tower, situated at the corner of the addition, resolves the vertical circulation problems and becomes the focal point of an almost windowless existing building.

The team in charge of this project supported the use of ceramic glazed masonry as the material that would serve as the bridge between the old and new construction. The school district, however, needed to see the benefits for itself. Steve East, director of facilities, initiated a series of material tests, which subjected several different products to the wear and tear that a school environment experiences. After graffiti was applied with a permanent marker and the surfaces were scratched with a pocketknife, only the ceramic glazed masonry products remained unscathed.

Although the initial purchase price of structural glazed brick and tile is more than other building products, the investment often pays off because it requires less maintenance.
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