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April 2012 Product Solutions

Clean and Green

Company donates soap and dispensers to school district

Georgia-Pacific Professional. As part of an ongoing effort to support local communities and spread wellness, the company donated nearly $200,000 of Pacific Garden hand soap and dispensers to the Green Bay Area (Wis.) Public School District.

The 4,182 cases of Georgia-Pacific Professional’s Pacific Garden general-purpose gentle foam soap and 1,440 Pacific Garden dispensers will provide an estimated two-year supply to the state’s fifth-largest school district, serving more than 20,000 students.

"We know that hand washing can prevent the spread of illness,” says Michelle S. Langenfeld, superintendent. “As we enter the cold and flu season, we anticipate that the Georgia-Pacific Professional products, teamed with education on the importance of hand washing, will positively impact not only the health of our students but potentially their academic achievement as well.”

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Lighting it up

Interior courtyards offer fresh air during free periods

Kalwall. From the beginning, architects from DLR Group designed Metea Valley High School in Aurora, Ill., to light up education—literally and figuratively. The sprawling campus with room for 3,000 students is broken down into a handful of intimate, human-scale learning spaces called “think tanks,” where interaction with faculty is encouraged. Two interior courtyards, open to the sky, offer fresh air during free periods.

Lighting up Metea in the literal sense comes largely from the extensive use of Kalwall Translucent Curtainwall throughout the school. Upon coming through the school’s main entrance, visitors are struck by the cheerful, airy, daylighted lobby. Controlled daylight also pours into the school’s innermost areas, traditionally a structure’s darkest, from the courtyards. In the gymnasium, shadowless, glare-free light enhances ball-handling in team events; sunlight does not glance off the shiny court surface. The diffuse-light-transmitting panels also prevent glare off computer screens, easing eyestrain. The design also includes occasional, narrow, horizontal runs of clear glass—some serving as clerestories—adding visual interest, as well as clear views to the outside.

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Updated lamp crusher

Air Cycle Corporation. The CFL Premium Bulb Eater is a new version of the lamp crusher, designed to safely crush and store up to 3,000 compact fluorescent lamps prior to recycling, and also can crush tube lamps. The machine crushes lamps into 100 percent recyclable material, while capturing more than 99.99 percent of mercury vapors in a three-stage filtration system. Recycling spent lamps is simple and convenient, encouraging a high recycling participation rate among facility workers, increasing regulatory compliance and reducing the risk of fines. When a drum of crushed lamps is full, the company will arrange for it to be picked up and recycled at the nearest EPA-approved recycling facility.

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New dust shutter and cam locks

FJM Security Products. New dust shutter and high-security cam locks are available. The locks are an addition to the variety of in-stock cam locks, push/plunger locks, glass locks, cylinder locks, switch locks, miniature locks and deadbolt locks that have been popular with large and small OEMs. The dust shutter cam locks offer internal springs with a loaded dust shutter and weather resistance. These locks come in the following cylinder lengths: ⅝-inch, ⅞-inch and 1⅛ inches with a chrome finish. An internal O-ring prevents moisture from penetrating the lock. The new high-security cam locks come with the Pagoda lock system, and also are available in the following cylinder lengths: ⅝-inch, ⅞-inch and 1⅛ inches with a chrome finish.

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Contemporary floor weave

Amtico International. In Satin Weave, Spacia creates a silver-grey, cross-hatched surface with soft metallic sheen. The subtle and inviting resilient pattern projects a natural aesthetic and offers versatility for education environments. The abstract luxury vinyl tile adds an unexpected twist to traditional interiors. Use Satin Weave alone for a streamlined monochromatic scheme, or mix and match with the line of 89 resilient flooring designs for more intriguing effects. The luxury vinyl flooring is available in 18-inch by 18-inch tiles, as well as a cross-grain design in 7.25 inches by 48 inches.

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Energy-efficient fan

Big Ass Fan Company. Haiku small ceiling fans bring Big Ass Fan air movement to even the smallest spaces. A 60-inch wingspan and lightweight minimalist design make them ideal for rooms with lower ceilings—including group fitness areas and classrooms—while delivering the combination of elegant appearance, energy efficiency, gentle air circulation and silent operation. Controlled by a thin remote, the ENERGY STAR Haiku bamboo fan has 10 settings, including the exclusive Whoosh mode to simulate natural variations in airflow for greater user comfort.

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Modular carpet collection

Tandus Flooring. Sero design technology has revolutionized the way modular carpet is designed by thinking beyond the square. The Sero process begins with the Powerbond platform, then transforms the design into modular. Now with the availability of an 18-inch by 36-inch modular carpet, design is more than just a square. Sero also is a unique and easy solution for installing large scale patterns to create a unified modular floor design: unidirectional. This same installation method is available with the 18-inch by 36-inch modular along with herringbone and vertical ashlar, all of which demonstrate how the patterns, textures and colors flow, pool and shift from tile to tile, no matter what the size.

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Germ killer

Permatex. Spray Nine, a brand of specialty cleaning products and innovator of the industry’s first “spray-on, wipe-off” cleaner disinfectant, has three new germ-kill claims that have expanded overall germ coverage, and fast sanitizing and disinfectant capabilities. Spray Nine’s effective uses have expanded to include even more germs that can pose a serious health threat to the population. The EPA has claimed that Spray Nine (EPA Reg. No. 6659-3) safely kills Poliovirus Type I, a type of polio, in only 30 seconds, along with a broad spectrum of other viruses. It is also effective against Bordetella Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, and Listeria Monocytogenes, which is associated with food poisoning, killing both in just 45 seconds.

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