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Across the Nation: Multi-level school offers amenities

CINCINNATI - Monfort Heights Elementary School faced the challenge of being on a small site adjacent to the old elementary school that remained in operation during construction. Because land was limited, a multi-story schoolhouse design was imperative to meet the necessary educational needs and safety concerns.

The $8 million, 76,700-square-foot structure hosts a variety of amenities. The three-story atrium provides extensive natural light and enhances natural supervision. Soundproof partitions create a versatile arrangement of the gymnasium, cafeteria and stage, which can be adapted for use as a large gathering hall to seat up to 1,000 people.

The school was designed with safety in mind. Student dropoff areas are separated from onsite parking lots and vehicle traffic zones. All side doors are locked from the outside during school hours. Visitors must sign in after entering the school's main entrance, which opens directly into the welcome center and administrative area.

Architect for the project was Steed Hammond Paul.

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