Across the Nation: Community consolidates elementary schools

IRONTON - Wanting to maintain a small-school atmosphere and reap the benefits of consolidating of five elementary schools, this community was able to do both in the planned construction of a new K-5 elementary school that will house approximately 1,100 students.

Rock Hill Elementary School is expected to open in the fall of 2001. The new facility will have six wings, which will each have one grade. At the community's request, administrative offices will be closest to the kindergarten students and fifth graders. Each wing will feature a different color scheme to assist in way finding.

A media center, cafetorium and gymnasium are located centrally in the school. The cafetorium will resemble a large assembly area, with a 10-foot ceiling opening to an 18 1/2-foot-ceiling inside the cafetorium.

Students will have access to technology through computer labs as well as computers and audiovisual equipment in the classrooms.

Cost for the 134,000-square-foot building is $16.2 million. Architect is TRIAD Architects.

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