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Construction Zone: Contemporary styling

The Richard Ettinghausen Library at New York University (NYU) is housed in the Hagop Kevorkian Building, which is the center of NYU's Middle Eastern studies program. When the building opened in 1973, the school was able to incorporate architectural elements from the Quwwatli Family residence in Damascus, which was built in 1797.

The architect was asked to renovate the 2,000-square-foot library to restore it to a more active, handsome and functional space.

The design included a contemporary glass vestibule at the entrance to the building. Another glass door at the arch separates the lobby from the study area.

Custom design for the desk, study table and millwork brought organization and substance to a room that had steel shelves, a temporary desk and no formal meeting space.

The architect is Turett Collaborative Architects (New York City).

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