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Inside Matters

Commentary from the 2010 Educational Interiors Showcase jury.

The exterior of a building can entice visitors into a space, but inviting, engaging interiors are what keep them there. This year's Educational Interiors Showcase jury found that, indeed, it is what is on the inside that counts—as evidenced by the 14 citation-winning projects. Each project was judged based on the following considerations:

High Performance/Value

  • Sustainability (daylighting, systems, material use, etc.)
  • Environmental impact
  • Life-cycle costs



  • Creative solutions: each project has something special
  • Expressive of today's technology


  • Warm, inviting, engaging and collaborative


  • Space, materials and craftsmanship
  • Flexibility
  • Design reflects program needs

Contextual relationship

  • Connection to culture/site
  • Interior/exterior relationships
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