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Engaging Interiors

The citation criteria for this year's Educational Interiors Showcase.

The interiors of a school or university building should keep students, staff and visitors engaged and excited. Each May, AS&U assembles a jury of education and architectural professionals to decide the best of the best in education interior design. This year's jury pored over 90 entries in the competition. It considered the following criteria in making 19 citation selections:

  • Ability to integrate current and future technology.
  • Innovative use of materials: practical, timeless, sustainable, cost.
  • Life-cycle cost vs. first cost.
  • Timeless (not a fad), with the flexibility to update to current standards.
  • Safety and security (integrated into the design; ability to change/improve; passive/active).
  • Clarity of design concept: does it work?
  • Does it provide for an enhanced educational mission? Is this an environment that people want to engage in learning/teaching?
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