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St. Olaf hosts ‘Sustainapalooza’ Picture courtesy of the Manitou Messenger.

St. Olaf hosts ‘Sustainapalooza’

St. Olaf College in Minnesota recently hosted Sustainapalooza: SustainAbilities Fair 2014. Student organizations and Northfield businesses representing varying aspects of sustainable living gathered to raise campus awareness about sustainable living. “The goal of the event was to show [St. Olaf students] ways they can be involved in the environmental movement or movements both on campus and off,” said Hannah Gelle, one of this year’s SustainAbilities student representatives, to the Manitou Messenger.

The event was part of the school’s SustainAbilities Week and featured both student organizations and Northfield businesses in a festival-like setting with free food, drinks and live music. Student organizations were present to educate students and other attendees about their varied approaches to sustainable living.


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