LSU Students Unplug to Save Energy

Students living in nine residence hall communities at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge reduced their energy consumption in March by $13,763 — an average of 18 percent — as part of the school's “Unplug” competition.

The contest compared the March 2009 electrical meter readings with those from March 2008. Students were asked to adjust their daily routines — turning off lights, unplugging chargers, taking shorter showers — to save energy in campus residence halls and apartments.

East Campus Apartments achieved the greatest reduction — a 35 percent reduction compared with the same timeframe in 2008. All residents there have received a 1-gigabyte flash drive for their accomplishment.

The Horseshoe community, which reduced consumption by 29 percent, finished second in the competition, and the Blake/McVoy community and Herget Residential College tied for third place with a 21 percent reduction in energy consumption.

Impact of LSU's Unplug Competition

Energy saved: 172,034 kilowatts
That could power the following for a month:
20,000 light bulbs
7,000 computers
200 homes
Carbon offset: 124 metric tons
That is the equivalent of:
Planting 3,168 trees
Not driving 270 cars for one month
Saving 14,000 gallons of gasoline
Source: LSU, Department of Residential Life
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