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New junior high in Katy, Texas, will be powered by the school district's first-ever solar farm

July 15, 2021
The solar array has 1,044 panels situated on 1.35 acres of land adjacent to Haskett Junior High School.

The new Haskett Junior High in Katy, Texas, will be 40% powered by the sun.

The junior high is the first campus in the Katy (Texas) district to feature a solar farm.

The Houston Chronicle reports the solar array, which cost $700,000,  has 1,044 panels situated on 1.35 acres of land adjacent to the school. Each panel can generate 375 watts.

Students and staff will be able to learn about the solar panels from monitoring panels that are placed throughout the campus.

The new building will have three storiesa floor for each gradeand communal learning areas for smaller classes and collaboration, reports the Katy Times

The entrance leads to an open-concept library that has a study area and a small stage. A large learning stairway will be available as a common work and teaching space for students.

Each floor will feature a science lab as well as computer labs. 

Outside the school there are outdoor athletic fields along with a gymnasium, a competition gym with bleachers, a second smaller gym, which are all on the western side of the building.

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