Ohio high school receives LEED gold rating

June 19, 2013
Talawanda High in Oxford opened in August 2012

Talawanda High School in Oxford, Ohio, has received LEED gold certification for its environmentally friendly design and construction.

The $46 million, 187,000-square-foot facility, which opened in August 2012, is the Talwanda District's first LEED-certified school building, says Charlie Jahnigen, vice president of SHP Leading Design, the architect for the project.

More than 36 percent of the materials used in the project were regional, and 26.4 percent of the materials were made from recycled material. The building is projected to reduce energy use by 45.7 percent and water use by 33 percent compared with a comparable facility. The project diverted 761.21 tons of waste that would have ended up in a landfill.

Numerous features in the building helped the school achieve LEED gold certification. Orienting the corridor north and south helps maximize daylighting; sloped acoustic ceiling grids reflect light deep into the classrooms. A geothermal HVAC system with 320 wells at a depth of 300 feet helps optimize the energy efficiency of the building. Displacement ventilation under raised access flooring eliminated extra ductwork for each classroom.

Three rotundas at the major intersections of the facility help separate the academic spaces from the public spaces as well as enhance circulation. The 1,800-seat gymnasium includes a 360-degree band of windows for daylight. The second level of the gym includes a running track and reverse fold bleachers that open to an auxiliary gym.

Adjacent to the cafeteria and gymnasium is an outdoor courtyard connects the school and a new 2,500-seat stadium.

SHP says the high school design reflects a traditional, Georgian style that was influenced by its proximity to Miami University, which is a few blocks away in Oxford.

Talawanda High is the 24th school in Ohio and the second in Butler County to receive LEED gold certification, SHP says.

More : View a promotional video about the new Talawanda High School:

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