Gym renovation at Iowa State gets LEED platinum

Dec. 15, 2012
Facility is 1 of only 2 college recreation centers to reach top LEED category.

The renovation of State Gym at Iowa State University in Ames has received LEED Platinum certification.

The university says the gym, which reopened about a year ago, is one of only two college recreation centers in the United States that have achieved a platinum LEED rating.

The environmentally friendly features that helped the project reach the platinum level of certification include:

  • Sensors that adjust lighting based on the natural light available
  • A green roof on a portion of the facility
  • Toilets with low-consumption flush valves
  • Re-use of 87 percent of the original State Gym structure.
  • Captured storm water can be redirected to flush toilets
  • Sinks and showers with low-flow faucet heads
  • 25 percent of the building materials come from within 500 miles of Ames
  • 84 percent of the regularly occupied spaces in the building can be illuminated with daylight
  • 65 percent of the wood used in construction is grown and harvested according to sustainable forestry standards
  • Landscaping features native plantings that do not require an irrigation system
  • 86 percent of the total construction waste — more than 1,560 tons — was recycled.
  • Low-toxicity interior paints, adhesives and flooring were used.
  • An automated thermostat adjusts building temperature at night and other unoccupied periods

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