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Technology center at Zane State College certified LEED Gold

Technology center at Zane State College certified LEED Gold

Zane State College’s Advanced Science and Technology Center was recently awarded LEED Gold certification. The Advanced Science and Technology Center is home to the Zanesville, Ohio, school’s alternative energy program, dedicated to the study and advancement of wind and solar energy.

To tie into these programs the college sought to include environmentally friendly design aspects. One feature is a small yet fully operational wind turbine at the entrance to the building. The space also has an outdoor patio with a portico topped by photovoltaic panels to harness solar energy and serve as a learning environment.

Zane worked with SHP Leading Design to design the facility. Construction started in May 2012 and wrapped up in December 2013. The expedited schedule required quick turnaround of certain portions of the project. For example, the team used steel frame construction to get the bones of the building in place quickly and affordably.  In addition, the construction was broken into multiple bid packages so different phases of the project could begin concurrently, including an early package of structural steel, foundations, slabs, site grading and utilities, and late packages of furniture and technology equipment.

Designers used metal stud exterior walls with a combination of thin brick and stonework finishes to allow the team to sheathe the building quickly before moving on to interiors.

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