The renovated fitness center at Williamette University Williamette University

The renovated fitness center at Williamette University.

Fitness Center renovation at Williamette University gets LEED Gold rating

Sparks Fitness Center is cited for its environmentally friendly design and construction strategies.

The renovation of the campus fitness center at Williamette University in Salem, Ore., has received LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The university says the upgrade of the Sparks Fitness Center included salvaging existing materials and installing energy-efficient lighting, improved HVAC systems and water-saving fixtures.

The project also used building materials with low or no volatile organic compounds and Forest Stewardship Council-certified forest products. Williamette recycled more than 90 percent of construction waste.

The building now uses less energy and water, while providing additional space for fitness facilities, classrooms and locker rooms.

The improvements have left the footprint of Sparks Athletic Center essentially the same, but the facility now provides more functional space.

The fitness center now is large enough to accommodate varsity athletes and non-athletes together during prime workout times. The new space houses more than 35 pieces of cardio equipment, seven multipurpose free weight racks, a rotating climbing wall and a new plate-loaded circuit training room. There are several large TVs and many of the cardio devices have built-in monitors with cable television.

The renovations include an updated and more accessible sports medicine center, enhanced classroom and meeting spaces and an updated facilities infrastructure, including improved HVAC and lighting systems.

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