Nichols College opened its new academic building in 2015 Nichols College

Nichols College opened its new academic building in 2015.

Academic building at Nichols College in Dudley, Mass., gets LEED Gold

Building is the first at Nichols College to receive LEED certification.

A new academic building at Nichols College in Dudley, Mass., has received LEED Gold certification for its sustainable design and construction.

The 27,500-square-foot building, which opened in September 2015, is the first project to receive LEED certification at the private business college.

“Gold LEED certification for the new academic building is an exciting accomplishment and a statement to Nichols College’s commitment to environmental stewardship,” says Robert LaVigne, associate vice president for facilities management at Nichols. “Since opening its doors last fall, the building has served as a testament to the College’s dedication to innovation—not only in sustainable design, but also education.

The three-story building houses technology-packed classrooms, faculty offices, and space for various academic services The atrium space contains multiple seating clusters on the ground floor. An audiovisual production suite includes a green screen as well as the latest recording and editing equipment.

Some of the facility's sustainable elements: The construction emphasized use of locally sourced and recycled materials, and incorporated daylighting strategies and efficient use of water.

The architect is Juster Pope Frazier, and the contractor is F.W. Madigan Company.


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