A middle school student died after falling from a Harlingen district bus KRGV-TV

A middle school student died after falling from a Harlingen district bus.

Middle school student in Texas dies after falling off school bus

Bus was taking students to a field trip in Edinburg when a boy fell out of the vehicle's rear exit.

A Harlingen, Texas, student on a middle school field trip died after falling off a school bus in Edinburg.

KRGV-TV reports students from Vernon Middle School in Harlingen traveling on a district bus to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on Monday when a teen-aged boy fell out of the bus's rear exit. He died from head injuries.

All Harlingen school buses have cameras, officials say, and administration will be reviewing video to see what happened.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the family," the district said in a prepared statement. "As a result of this incident, the trip has been cancelled and students are returning back to the campus where counselors will be available if needed. Parents of the students that participated in the field trip are being contacted by school personnel."

Harlingen Superintendent Art Cavazos says two staff members were on board the bus; he could not specify where they was sitting on the bus.

Video from KRGV-TV:


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