dylanthomas Pike County school district
Dylan Thomas died after sustaining injuries in a football game Friday night.

High school football player in Georgia dies after collapsing during game

Dylan Thomas, 17, was a junior at Pike County High in Zebulon, Ga.

A football player at a high school in Georgia has died after suffering injuries during a game Friday night.

NBC News reports that Dylan Thomas, a 17-year-old junior who played linebacker at Pike County High School in Zebulon, suffered a head injury during the game. Thomas was hit in the second quarter of the game and later collapsed on the sidelines when an arm and leg went numb.  

Thomas underwent surgery, but his brain swelled and he went into a coma. He died Sunday.

The exact moment of impact is still being investigated by Athletic Director James Stanford and Coach Brad Webber.

"We have the video, we're evaluating the entire thing. It wasn't anything that stuck out, we're still reviewing it," Webber says. "As we can tell right now he was not involved in a tackle. He was coherent, able to speak when he came to the sideline."

Michael Duncan, superintendent of Pike County schools, and Kevin Huffstetler, Pike County High School principal, issued a joint statement.

"Dylan was an active participant in our school community and a member of the Class of 2020. Please remember his family in the days ahead,"  

Video from WXIA-TV:

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