Because Deweyville Elementary School has been damaged by flooding students will be moved to the town39s high school campus KBMT-TV

Because Deweyville Elementary School has been damaged by flooding, students will be moved to the town's high school campus.

Flood-ravaged Texas town hopes to reopen schools April 11

Flood has put elementary school out of commission, so students will attend classes on the high school campus.

The Deweyville (Texas) school district, whose campuses were forced to close last week after rainstorms flooded the town, plans to resume classes on April 11.

The Beaumont Enterprise reports that the district's high school campus, which was untouched by the flood, will accommodate not only the junior and senior high school students already attending classes there, but also students from the elementary school that was left under water following the storms.

The elementary school was among the hundreds of homes, businesses and government buildings inundated last week by Sabine River flooding. The district's high school campus has served as the hub of response and relief efforts.

If the reopening plan remains in place, it would mean students will have lost three weeks of classes. District officials do not know if the Texas Education Agency will have Deweyville make up all the lost days of if it would grant an attendance waiver.

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