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higgins mugshot sewage dump Arizona Attorney General's Office
Michael Wayne Higgins faces 2 felony counts.

Arizona truck driver charged with illegally dumping sewage at special-education school

Prosecutors say sewage flowed from drainage system to grassy area used as a playground.

A truck driver in Arizona faces a state indictment for allegedly dumping sewage on the grounds of a special-education school in Phoenix.

Michael Wayne Higgins faces two felony counts—one count of unlawful discharge and one count of criminal damage.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich says in a release that Higgins was working as a tanker truck driver last year for Emergency Pumping & Plumbing. On April 17, 2016, the indictment states, Higgins allegedly dumped thousands of gallons of sewage into a storm drainage system at the Phoenix West Campus of the Austin School for Exceptional Children.

The storm drainage system flowed from the school’s parking lot into a grassy area that the school uses as a playground.  The school spent nearly $4,000 to clean up the sewage, the attorney general's office says.


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