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bexleypasco.jpg Pasco County Schools
Bexley Elementary School in Land O' Lakes, Fla., is one of the schools in Pasco County where an addition may be built.

Robust sales tax proceeds could mean additional construction in Pasco County (Fla.) district

District officials say the tax has generated 20 percent more than expected.

Better than expected sales tax collections in the Pasco County (Fla.) district could provide enough money to add more projects to its construction and renovation list.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the tax has generated $110.3 million since its renewal, nearly 20 percent more than projected. If the revenue continues on this pace, the district says, it would end up with an extra $44.2 million beyond what it anticipated for the 10-year tax.

The district already has plans to build a middle school, a technical high school, and a K-8 campus. The additional funding, superintendent Kurt Browning says, is likely to be used for building wings at existing schools.

The first two up for consideration are Bexley Elementary and Sunlake High.

“You’re going to see our response to growth is adding additional classroom space with wings, and additional dining facilities for those students,” Browning says. “You can build a wing a lot faster than you can build an entire school.”

Browning also says that the district is considering building schools with larger capacities than existing campuses.


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