The 1835 Hinman Ave Residence Hall at Northwestern may be replaced by a larger building Northwestern University

The 1835 Hinman Ave. Residence Hall at Northwestern may be replaced by a larger building.

Northwestern University wants to replace residence hall with larger building

School needs more housing because beginning next year, students must live on campus for at least 2 years.

Northwestern University, seeking to boost the availability of student housing on its Evanston, Ill., campus, is considering a plan to tear down an existing residence hall and build a larger facility.

The Daily Northwestern reports that the additional capacity would help the university provide the living space needed to enforce a requirement, beginning in fall 2017, that students must live on campus for at least two years.

University administrators and city officials have discussed replacing the existing hall at 1835 Hinman Ave. with a larger building. Northwestern's plans call for a 85-foot-tall building, a height that exceeds zoning limits in the area. To erect a hall taller than 45 feet, the university would need a supermajority of the city council to approve the plans.

Rendering of the 560 Lincoln St. Residence Hall

Northwestern is already working to add to its student housing capacity by constructing a residence hall scheduled to open next year on the north end of campus. The 560 Lincoln St. Residence Hall will encompass about 140,000 square feet and provide living space for more than 400 students.

The university's housing master plan calls for construction of five new residence halls and the renovation of several existing residential buildings over the next 10 years.

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