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The Groves High School campus in Garden City, Ga., will be the site of a K-12 facility that will replace 3 schools.

K-12 campus planned for Chatham County (Ga.) district

Facility in Garden City, Ga., will replace an elementary, middle and high school.

The Savannah-Chatham County (Ga.) district is planning to build a K-12 campus in Garden City that will replace three schools

WSAV-TV reports that school facility will bring students from Gould Elementary, Mercer Middle, and Groves High Schools on a single campus by the 2023-2024 school year.

The new facilities will be built on what is now the Groves High campus.

The three-story space will hold 2,400 students and contain well over 370,000 square feet as well as a 3,000 seat, multipurpose stadium. The campus will have separate sports fields and play areas for the high school and K-8 students. 

The three schools will have their own space, faculties, and identities under one roof, bu the district plans to maintain student separation.

The next step is soliciting bids for the building design. Construction is expected to begin late next year. 

Groves High School will remain in operation during the construction of the new facility and will be demolished after the new building is complete.

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