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Austin (Texas) school board adopts $4.6 billion facility master plan

Austin (Texas) school board adopts $4.6 billion facility master plan

Plan provides a foundation for the district to have a bond election later this year.

The Austin (Texas) school board has approved a $4.6 billion facilities master plan that paves the way for priority projects to be placed within a bond package that is likely to go before voters in November.

The Austin American-Statesman reports that the 25-year facility master plan includes hundreds of recommendations aimed at modernizing district campuses.

The district’s average facility is 40 years old, with some more than a century old. Nearly 40 percent has been determined to be in poor or very poor condition.

If the school board calls for, and voters approve, a bond package, the projects to be tackled in the first six years include:

• Relocating Liberal Arts and Science Academy to a central location

• Constructing three new schools to relieve crowding

• Constructing the middle school in Mueller

• Tearing down and rebuilding T.A. Brown Elementary

• Refurbishing repurposing the original L.C. Anderson High (now the Alternative Learning Center)

• Comprehensive renovations to the Ann Richards School and the Rosedale School, where the district serves its students with severe special needs

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