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College of Western Idaho will expand Nampa campus

June 12, 2023
Planned construction projects include a health and sciences building, agricultural science and horticulture facilities and a student learning hub.

The College of Western Idaho has announced plans to expand its campus in Nampa.

KPVI-TV reports that the expansion will add a health and sciences building, agricultural science and horticulture facilities and a student learning hub.

College President Gordon Jones said that rapid growth of student enrollment has meant that the college has had to lease space in buildings that are a car ride away from the school’s main campus.

Expanding the Nampa campus will create a better learning environment for students where they will organically “rub shoulders” more often, he said.

The planned facilities:

  • Health & Sciences Building: This 45,000 square-foot building will consolidate several programs at the Nampa campus, providing ease of access for students in many of the college's most in-demand programs including nursing, biology, and medical assistant.
  • Student Learning Hub: This 35,000 square-foot facility will provide a destination for employers and community members to engage students in a central location. Additionally, the building will be the home to several resources to support student success.
  • Agricultural Science and Horticulture Buildings: The new agricultural science and horticulture buildings will have over 30,000 square feet of classroom, lab, greenhouse and shop spaces. The project also will have an orchard and plots for production to provide students with hands-on learning experiences.

Ashley Smith, the college’s community relations director, say the health and sciences building is estimated to cost $31 million; the agricultural science and horticulture building will cost $17 million, followed by a second phase that will cost $8 million; and the student learning hub will cost $22 million.

The Health and Sciences Building, as well as the Agricultural Science and Horticulture buildings, are expected to open for classes in fall 2025. The Student Learning Hub will open in fall 2026. 

The architect is Cushing Terrell, and the contractor is ESI.

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