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Cornwall-Lebanon (Pa.) district wants major upgrade of middle and high schools

Jan. 19, 2023
The district is poised to spend between $88 million and $136 million to upgrade Cedar Crest High and Cedar Crest Middle.

The Cornwall-Lebanon (Pa.) School District is poised to spend between $88 million and $136 million to upgrade its aging secondary school buildings on the Cedar Crest campus.

Lancaster Online reports that electric, plumbing, and mechanical updates are needed in the district’s middle and high school buildings, which have not had major work since the mid-1990s.

A connector space between the two buildings is planned as well. Construction will occur between March 2024 and June 2029, and the connector building will be constructed first.

The district’s intent is to maintain the same or similar debt service payments to avoid major tax increases in the future.

Since 2016, no state funding has been made available for school construction reimbursements.

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