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Proposed capital plan in Lynchburg (Va.) district calls for $100 million in building improvements over 5 years

Dec. 8, 2022
Three elementary school campuses would undergo major renovations if the plan is approved.

The Lynchburg (Va.) district's proposed five-year capital improvement plan lays out a road map for more than $100 million in building improvements.

The News & Advance reports that the first two years of the plan call for several smaller projects; the three years after that would see major renovations at three elementary schools.

Deputy Superintendent of Operations and Strategic Planning Reid Wodicka says the first two years of the capital improvement plan are more focused on increasing school security and exterior repairs to aging school buildings.

Then, in fiscal 2026, the district is proposing $36.9 million for capital projects; $28 million would be allocated for renovations at Paul Munro Elementary School

In fiscal year 2027, the plan calls for $27.1 million in funding for renovations at Linkhorne Elementary School.

In fiscal year 2028, the district proposes $20.5 million in funding for renovations at Perrymont Elementary School.

Wodicka says the school district's request has been sent to city staff ahead of its fiscal year 2024 budget and capital improvement plan discussions.

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