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Facilities upgrade for Stamford (Conn.) schools would cost $742 million over 20 years

Oct. 26, 2022
The plan calls for closing 2 elementary and 2 middle schools, constructing a K-8 elementary and upgrading other campuses.

The plan to fix school buildings in the Stamford (Conn.) district will take 20 years and cost the city roughly $742 million.

The Darien Times reports that the architectural firm SLAM Collaborative presented those figures to district officials during a meeting of the district's Long Term Facilities Committee.

The numbers represent an increase from the total price tag of $540 million presented in February for a plan that previously called for a 12-year timeline.

The plan calls for closing four schools — Dolan and Cloonan middle schools, Toquam Magnet Elementary School and KT Murphy Elementary School — while expanding Roxbury and Westover Magnet elementary schools into K-8 facilities, and building a new K-8 Hart Magnet Elementary School at the Cloonan site.

Murphy would close in 2028, followed by Toquam in 2030, Cloonan in 2033 and Dolan in 2035.

An additional K-8 school would be created in south Stamford, using the campus of Murphy for students in grades five through eight, and a building on Lockwood Avenue to house kindergarten through fourth grade.

The plan calls for improvements to all other school buildings, including major renovations for Turn of River Middle School and Stamford High School.

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