Gwinnett County (Ga.) district says it will allocate $11 million to renovate and expand middle school in Liburn

Sept. 19, 2022
The project will add about 50,000 square feet to Trickum Middle School and boost its capacity by 500 students.

The Gwinnett County (Ga.) district plans to spend about $11 million of sales tax funds to expand and renovate Trickum Middle School in Lilburn.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the work on Trickum is slated for completion in August 2024. The expansion will increase student capacity at Trickum by 500--from 1,775 to 2,275.

The project will add close to 50,000 square feet and 25 classrooms, labs and other types of rooms and storage space. The school's art room, band room and lab for science, technology, engineering and math will be renovated.

Trickum is in the district’s highest tier of construction priorities over the next five years.

Projects in the next tier of the district’s five-year plan are a new Archer Middle School and additions and renovations at Archer High School and Gwinnett School for Mathematics, Science and Technology. Those projects do not yet have a timeline.

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