Special Delivery: Technology-infused design process makes University of Delaware facility stand out

June 3, 2015
The university's Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory receives an AIA TAP Innovation Award for Delivery Process Excellence.

The University of Delaware’s Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory (ISE Lab) has received a 2015 AIA TAP Innovation Award for its use of advanced processes and technologies in its design and construction.

The ISE Lab, which opened in 2013, was singled out in the Delivery Process Excellence category, the AIA says.

"The architect and consulting engineers developed 13 design models using BIM software, which were combined to allow a full understanding of how each building system affected the other," the AIA says.

A constantly evolving schedule was made possible by linking modeled elements to timelines. An open exchange of files between design and construction firms enabled the project to be completed 60 days ahead of schedule.

The 194,000-square foot facility was designed around the philosophy of integrating teaching, learning and research. It includes classrooms and teaching laboratories, as well as state-of-the art imaging and synthesis laboratories and a class 100/1000 clean room. Also included are spaces for open collaboration for teams of researchers and offices for university institutes related to energy and the environment.

The American Institute of Architects' Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) Knowledge Community developed the AIA TAP Innovation Awards to honor state-of-the-art design, delivery and management of the built environment as enabled by advanced processes and technologies. TAP has spearheaded efforts to highlight projects that embrace Building Information Model technology and processes to further design, construction and project excellence.

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