GALLERY: Fixing a Flawed Facility: Eagle Stadium, Allen, Texas

May 20, 2015
After structural flaws were found last year in the 2-year-old, $60 million facility, the Allen school district completed $2.5 million in repairs to make the stadium safe for use.

When the Allen (Texas) Independent School District opened Eagle Stadium in 2012, its $60 million price tag earned it the title as the most expensive high school football facility in the nation.

Criticisms of the district’s seeming extravagance and questionable spending priorities brought unwanted attention to the suburban Dallas community.  And when structural flaws in Eagle Stadium forced the Allen district to shut down the 18,000-seat facility in February 2014, the negative attention returned, this time with a helping of schadenfreude.

The district acted quickly to assess the facility flaws and start on repairs. Allen officials say the needed fixes have been completed, and the 2015 Allen High School graduation will take place in June at Eagle Stadium.

Allen officials say the repairs cost about $2.5 million, which the architect and contractor will pay.

Here is a look at the seven phases of repairs needed to make Eagle Stadium suitable for use once again.

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