New Foundation Aims to Help Schools Battle Childhood Obesity

Feb. 1, 2011
A newly formed not-for-profit organization will work with schools.

A newly formed not-for-profit organization will work with schools, communities and business partners to fight childhood obesity.

Gen YOUth Foundation says it will help develop and support programs that create lasting changes in children’s health and wellness.

"As the mother of three young boys, I know how important it is to teach healthy choices," says Gen YOUth CEO Alexis Glick. "But if there isn’t support in the school environment, we lose all the momentum we’ve gained at home."

Creation of the new foundation was announced earlier this month at the site of the Super Bowl in Dallas. Representatives of Gen YOUth, the National Football League, the National Dairy Council and the U.S. departments of education, agriculture, and health and human services were on hand to sign a memorandum of understanding that outlines a private-public partnership committed to child health and wellness.

The NFL and the Dairy Council are partners in Fuel Up to Play 60, an in-school program that helps students make more nutritional food choices and devote more time to physical activity each day.

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