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Meningitis suspected in Drexel student’s death

Drexel University student Stephanie Ross died from what health officials suspect was a case of meningitis, according to Philadelphia’s


Ross was found unresponsive by her sorority sisters and was rushed to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center where she died. The cause of death has not been officially declared, but university and city health officials are working under the assumption that it was meningitis.

As a precaution, Drexel has encouraged any students that came into close contact with her, or who may be feeling sick, to get antibiotics at the student health center.

Philadelphia health officials believe that Ross may have contracted the same rare strain of meningitis that recently found at Princeton University because Ross would have been required to be vaccinated against the other strains of the virus.

Ross attended a regional sorority officer training conference just 10 days prior to her death where she was in close contact with students from other areas. Officials say it is possible that she was exposed during that time. 

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